Mathematical Methods in Engineering

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Since it covers recent applications of Fractional Calculus, Wavelets and Neutrices it will be attractive to many engineers, scientists, and mathematicians
Preface; Fractional mathematics: Fractional calculus and regularized residue of infinite dimensional space, by Asada Akira; Fractional spaces generated by the positive differential and difference operators in a Banach space, by Allaberen Ashyralyev; Sub-diffusion equations of fractional order and their fundamental solutions, by Francesco Mainardi, Antonio Mura, Gianni Pagnini and Rudolf Gorenflo; Neutrices and generalized functions: The composition and neutrix composition of distributions, by Brian Fisher; A review on the products of distributions, by UK. Li; Some remarks on the incomplete gamma function, by Emin Ozçag, mci Ege, Hamet Giirçay and Biljana Jolevska- Tuneska; Boundary value problems: One-dimensional wave propagation in functionally graded cylindrical layered media, by Ibrahim Abu-Alshaikh; Piecewise constant control of boundary value problem for linear impulsive differential systems, by J.o. Aizabut; On nonlocal boundary value problems for hyperbolic-parabolic equations, by Allaberen Ashyralyev and Yildirim Ozdemir; On asymptotical behavior of noises solution of Riccati equation arising in linear filtering with shifted noises, by Agamirza E. Bashirov and Zeka Mazhar; Isomorphism classes of ordinary elliptic curves over fields of characteristic 3, by Murat Cenk and Ferruh Ozbudak; Hidden symmetries of two dimensional superintegrable systems, by Oziem Defterli and Dumitru Baleanu; A fourth order accurate difference-analytical method for solving Laplace's boundary value problem with singularities, by A.A. Dosiyev and S. Cival Buranay; Modeling of PDE processes with finite dimensional non-autonomous ODE systems, by Mehmet Onder Efe; On solutions of discrete nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems, by Gusein 5ff Guseinov; Some exact solutions of the (2 + 1)-dimensional Kadomtsev Petviashvil equation, by E. V. Krishnan; Varadhan estimates without probability: lower bound, by Rémi Léandre; Dirichlet problem for orthotropic bounded cylinder withcombined boundary conditions, by Raid Al-Momani and Khalid Al-Momani; A numerical analysis of variational finite difference schemes for steady state heat conduction problems with discontinuous coefficients, by Ebru Ozbilge; On the solution of a mathematical model of a viscoelastic bar , by Arpad Takaci and Djurdjica Takaci; Dynamics of wall bounded flow, by Ozan Tugluk and Hakan I. Tarman; Applications of wavelets: Wavelet transform for the simultaneous prediction of the colorants in food product, by Hakan A. Akta, Erdal Dinç, Glizide Pekean, Ozgiir Ustiinda and Aysegiil Tas; A review on the wavelet transform applications in analytical chemistry, by Erdal Dinç and Dumitru Baleanu; Continuous wavelet analysis for the ratio signals of the absorption spectra of binary mixtures, by Erdal Dinç, Dumitru Baleanu and Kenan Tas; Improved incremental self-organizing map for the segmentation of ultrasound images, by Zafer Ican, Zumray Dokur and Tamer Olmez; An application of continuous wavelet transform to electrochemical signals for the quantitative analysis, by Incilay Sushi, Erdal Dinç and Sacide Altinöz; The threshold of compression in wavelet transform with Haar's coefficients - numerical examples, by Zlatko Udovicic; Dynamical systems and control theory: 3-D Computerized ionospheric tomography with random field priors, by Orhan Arikan, Feza Arikan and Cemil B. Erol; Comparison of fuzzy and Volterra series nonlinear system modeling approaches, by Musa H. Asyali and Musa Alci; Novel hardware-oriented algorithms for TDOA positioning technique in cellular networks, by E. Doukhnitch, M. Salamah and A. Sandouka; Unknown costs in a duopoly with differentiated products, by Fernamda A. Ferreira, Flávio Ferreira and Alberto A. Pinto; Bayesian price leadership, by Fernanda A. Ferreira, Flávio Ferreira and Alberto A. Pinto; Comparison of methodologies in river flow prediciton. The Paiva river case, by Rui Gonçalves, Alberto Pinto and Francisco Caiheiros; A XY spin chain
This book contains some of the contributions that have been carefully selected and peer-reviewed, which were presented at the International Symposium MME06 Mathematical Methods in Engineering, held in Cankaya University, Ankara, April 2006. The Symposium provided a setting for discussing recent developments in Fractional Mathematics, Neutrices and Generalized Functions, Boundary Value Problems, Applications of Wavelets, Dynamical Systems and Control Theory.

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