Multilevel Synthesis

18, Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis
From the Group to the Individual
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Broadens the scope of demography with a multilevel approach
General Introduction,- PART 1: From Macro/Micro Opposition to Multilevel Analysis,- Chapter 1: Period Analysis of Social Groups,- Chapter 2: Introduction of Seniority in the Group,- Chapter 3: Analyzing Individual Data,- Chapter 4: Toward a Contextual and Multilevel Analysis,- PART 2: Multilevel Analysis,- Chapter 5: Defining Levels,- Chapter 6: Linear Analysis of Continuous Characteristics,- Chapter 7: Analysis of Discrete Characteristics,- Chapter 8: Multilevel Event-History Analysis,- General Conclusion,- Appendix 1,- Appendix 2,- Bibliography,- Author Index,- Subject Index.
This book presents a historical panorama of the evolution of demographic thought from its eighteenth-century origins up to the present day. The book uses this to demonstrate how the multilevel approach can resolve some of the contradictions that have become apparent and achieve a synthesis of the different approaches employed. This is both a textbook and an assessment of the multilevel analysis that broadens the scope of demography with its approach.

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