Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Translation from Basic Research to Clinical Practice

140, Falk Symposium
Translation from Basic Research to Clinical Practice
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Genetics.- Molecular classification of inflammatory bowel disease.- NOD proteins and defence against microbial infection.- Pharmacogenetics of inflammatory bowel disease therapy.- Genotypes and phenotypes in clinical practice.- Microbiology.- Chronic inflammatory disorders, the gut and the 'Old Friends' hypothesis.- Innate immune receptors and inflammatory bowel disease.- Manipulation of enteric flora in clinical practice.- Immunoregulation: novel therapeutic agents.- Lymphocyte integrins and the pathogenesis of experimental colitis.- Role of cytokines and their receptors in inflammatory bowel diseases.- State-of-the-art: targeting immunoregulation - biologicals.- Manipulation of the environment.- Environmental epidemiology.- Understanding the opposite effects of smoking in inflammatory bowel disease.- Microparticles: a link between modern life and inflammatory bowel disease?.- Are we able to treat inflammatory bowel disease with diet?.- New diagnostic tools.- Novel endoscopic diagnostic developments - bioendoscopy.- Cross-sectional imaging in inflammatory bowel disease.- State of the art: the transparent abdomen.- Mechanism of action of established drugs.- Apoptosis as a target.- Mechanisms of action of conventional drugs in inflammatory bowel disease.- Optimizing the use of current drugs for inflammatory bowel disease.- The difficult cases of Crohn's disease.- Diffuse jejunoileitis in an adolescent.- Diffuse jejunoileitis in the adolescent patient.- Current methods of bowel-sparing surgery in Crohn's disease.- Mechanisms of steroid-refractory disease.- Management of perianal Crohn's disease.- The difficult cases of ulcerative colitis.- A case of refractory proctitis.- Inflammatory bowel diseases and innate immunity.- Biology of cancer in ulcerative colitis and consequences for chemoprevention.- Therapeutic strategy in ulcerative colitis - 2004.
The amount of information on the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease is growing rapidly. This is reflected by a continuous increase in the number of papers presented at international GI meetings. To make things more difficult for practicing physicians, there is also a large number of new clinical trials being published which require periodical critical reviews and recommendations. Faced with these issues, the scientific commitee of the Falk Symposium No. 140 decided to take a different approach and to apply a novel format that is reflected in the title of the Symposium: "Translation from basic research to clinical practice".

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