Parks and People in Postcolonial Societies: Experiences in Southern Africa

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Analyses the dynamic relations between people and national parks and assesses these in southern Africa against broader experiences in postcolonial societies
From the contents:Acknowledgements.- Chapter 1: Society-Nature Dualism and Human Gradation.- Chapter 2: The Imprint of Imparkation in Southern Africa.- Chapter 3: The Consequences of National Parks.- Chapter 4: New Nations and Old Parks.- Chapter 5: (Dis)Continuities: Property Regimes in Nature Conservation.- Chapter 6: Searching for a People-Nature Matrix.- Chapter 7: The Packaging of Community Benefits.- Chapter 8: Transfrontier Parks: New Regimes and Old Practices.- Chapter 9: Conclusion: Science and (Trans)National Parks.- Chapter 10: Postscript: The Durban Accord and the Next Ten Years.- References.- Index.
Against the background of colonial and postcolonial experiences, this volume shows that power relations and stereotypes embedded in the original Western idea of a national park are a continuing reality of contemporary national and transnational parks. The volume seeks to dispel the myth that colonial beliefs and practices in protected areas have ended with the introduction of 'new' nature conservation policies and practices. It explores this continuity against the backdrop of the development of the national park idea in the West, and its trajectories in colonial and postcolonial societies, particularly southern Africa.

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