Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of Materials

A Handbook
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This two-part book combines the insights of world experts on Microbicides with detailed a detailed inventory of Microbicide Data. The combination of the two parts in one book is unique, and has produced the most authoritative information in the field.
This edition is divided into two parts. In Part One presents extensively diversified contributions from 23 world experts, on such topics as:
Part One-Microbicides.- 1 Introduction to microbicides.- 2 Relationship between chemical structure and activity or mode of action of microbicides.- 3 R&D in material protection: new biocides.- 4 Legislative aspects.- 5 Fields of application.-
Part Two-Microbicide data Organisation of microbicide data.- 2. Aldehydes.- 3. Formaldehyde Releasing Compounds.- 4. Acetaldehyde Releasing Compound.- 5. Succinaldehyde Releasing Compound.- 6. 2-Propenal-Releasingcompound.- 7. Phenolics.- 8. Acids.- 9. Acid Esters.- 10. Amides.- 11. Carbamates.- 12. Dibenzamidines.- 13. Pyridine Derivatives And Related Compounds.- 14. Azoles.- 15. Heterocyclic N, S Compounds.- 16. N-Haloalkylthio Compounds.- 17. Compounds With Activated Halogen Atoms.- 18. Surface Active Agents.- 19. Organometallic Compounds.- 20. Various Compounds.- 21. Oxidizing Agents.-
This edition is divided into two parts. Part One presents extensively diversified contributions from 23 world experts, on such topics as:
Microbicides with regard to the relationship between chemical structure and mode of action and activity; Research and development in consideration of registration procedures; Legislative aspects. The use of microbicides in 18 major application areas are described in detail. Part Two collects Microbicide Data, organized into 21 substance classes (e.g. alcohols, aldehydes, acids, amides, etc.), and including some 300 entries.

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