Defense Industries: Science and Technology Related to Security: Impact of Conventional Munitions on Environment and Population

44, NATO Science Series: IV: Earth
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Defense Industries: Science and Technology Related to Security: Impact of Conventional Munitions on Environment and Population, Porto, Portugal 28-31 October 2001
Table of Contents Preface Introduction into the Problematics 1 . Schubert, Hiltmar The Impact ofMunition on the Environment in a General View 2. Coman, Adrian Viore! Safety and Compatibiity in-service ofAmmunition and Explosives in Romania Methodes, Tests and Application 3. Campos, Jose Energetic Materials-Models, Micro-measurements and Results . . 4. Vasil'ev, Anatoly Safety Aspects ofCombustible Gases and Vapours 5. Gois, Jose Cook-offTest - Models and Results 6. Mendes, Ricardo Micro -slapper Initiators Insensitive and ,,Green'Munition 7. Neagu, Constantin Environmental Problems related to Explosives and Ammunition. The Present Situation in Romania 8. Van der Steen, Albert Environmental Impact ofMunition on Military Proving Grounds 9. Wild, Richard Safety Effects Caused by Insensitive Munition 10. Cumming, Adam S. Insensitive Munition and Green Energetics - Ways of Meeting the Need 11. Stem, Alfred Green Energetics at Indian-Head Division. Navel Surface Warfare Center 12. Portugal, Anténio Energetic Materials - Synthesis and Development oflnsensitive and Green Compounds 13. Krone, Uwe Replacement ofToxic and Ecotoxic Components ofMilitary Smokesfor Screening 14. Held, Manfred Today '5 Standardized Survivability Tests Storape and Transportation 15. Ene, Virgil Pompilliu Storage, Handling and Transportation of Ammunition after a Reduction of 50% of the Existing in 1990. Securily Involvment and Environmental Problems 1 6. Bohn, Manfred Possible Hazards of Propellants Connected with their Chemical Composition and Decomposition 17. Ismagilov, Zinfer R. Oxidation of Unsymmmetrical Dimethyl Hydrazine over Oxide and Noble MetalCatalysts. Solution of Environmental Problems of Production, Storage and Disposal of Highly Toxic Rocket Fuels Demilitarization and Recycling 18. Van Hamm, Nico Investigations ofRisks Connected to Sea Dumped Munitions 1 9. Carisson, Tomas Demilitarisation and Related Environmental Research on Munition at F01 20. Kuznetsov, Andrey Detection of the Composition of the Unknown Ordnance by Means of Nuclear Non- Destructive Techniques 21 . Machacek, Oldrich Experience with Rocket Propellants and Smokeless Powders as Ingredients in Commercial Explosives 22. Paplinski, Andrezej Dismantling of Conventional Munitions and Reuse of Energetic Materials for Industrial Purposes 23. Dolidze, Avtandil Environment Friendly Destruction of Energetic Materials and Munition of the Territory of Geo rgia Adam Cumming - Some observations and conciusions
The state of the art in the area of security related civil science and technology concerning energetic materials and munitions is of pressing importance at the present time, because 10 years after the end of the cold war, in many countries in east and west, huge stockpiles of munitions still await destruction.

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