Multiscale Processes in the Earth's Magnetosphere: From Interball to Cluster

Vol.178, NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
Proceedings of the NATO ARW on Multiscale Processes in the Earth's Magnetosphere: From Interball to Cluster, Prague, Czech Republic from 9 to 12 September 2003
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Contents.- Dedication.- Contributing Authors.- Preface. Propagation and Evolution of ICMEs in the Solar Wind; John D. Richardson, Ying Liu, and John W Beicher. The Solar Wind Interaction with Planetary Magnetospheres; Christopher T Russeli, Xochitl Blanco- Nojan Omidi,Joachim Raeder, and Yongli L. Wang. An Overview of New Concepts Deduced from INTERBALL Solar Wind Investigations; Georgy N. Zastenker. Interplanetary Discontinuities and Shocks in the Earth's Magnetosheath; Adam Szabo. Magnetosheath Investigations: INTERBALL Contribution to the Topic; Jana safránková, Mykhaylo Hayosh, Zdenek Nemecek and Lubomír Prech. Pressure Pulses and Cavity Mode Resonances: David G. Sibeck. Two-Point INTERBALL Observations of the LLBL; Zdenek Nemecek, Jana safránková, Lubomír Prech and Jirí Simunek. CLUSTER: New Measurements of Plasma Structures in 3D; C. Philippe Escoubet, Harri Laakso, and Melvyn Goidstein. Cusp Properties for By Dominant IMF; Simon Wing, Patrick T.Newell, and Ching-I Meng. CEP as a Source of Upstream Energetic Ions; Jiasheng Chen and Theodore A. Fritz. Magnetic Cloud and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Response to the 6 November 1997 CME; Alexander Z. Bochev and Iren Ivanova A. Dimitrova. Multipoint Observations of Transient Event Through the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere; Galina 1. Korotova, David G. Sibeck, Howard J. Singer and Theodore J. Rosenberg. A Model for the MHD Turbulence in the Earth'S Plasma Sheet: Building Computer Simulations; Joseph E. Borovsky. Cold Ionospheric lons in the External Dayside Magnetosphere;Jean-André Sauvaud and Pierrette Décréau. Role of Electrostatic Effects in Thin Current Sheets; Lev M. Zelenyi, Helmi V. Malova, Victor Yu. Popov, Dominique C. Delcourt, andA. Surjalal Sharma. Bursty Bulk Flows and Their Ionospheric Footprints; VictorA. Sergeev. Multi-point CLUSTER Observations ofVLF Risers, Fallers and Hooks at and Near the Plasmapause; Jolene S. Pickett, Ondfej Santoilk, Scott W. Kahler Arnaud Masson, Mark L. Adrian, DonaldA. Gurnett, Tim F Bell, Harri Laakso, Michel Parrot, Pierrette Décréau, Andrew Fazakerley, Nicole Cornilleau-Wehrlin, André Balogh, and Mats André.
The past forty years of space research have seen a substantial improvement in our understanding of the Earth's magnetosphere and its coupling with the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic ?eld (IMF). The magnetospheric str- ture has been mapped and major processes determining this structure have been de?ned. However, the picture obtained is too often static. We know how the magnetosphere forms via the interaction of the solar wind and IMF with the Earth's magnetic ?eld. We can describe the steady state for various upstream conditions but do not really understand the dynamic processes leading from one state to another. The main dif?culty is that the magnetosphere is a comp- cated system with many time constants ranging from fractions of a second to days and the system rarely attains a steady state. Two decades ago, it became clear that further progress would require multi-point measurements. Since then, two multi-spacecraft missions have been launched - INTERBALL in 1995/96 and CLUSTER II in 2000. The objectives of these missions d- fered but were complementary: While CLUSTER is adapted to meso-scale processes, INTERBALL observed larger spatial and temporal scales. However, the number of papers taking advantage of both missions simul- neously is rather small.

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