From Brows to Trust: Evaluating Embodied Conversational Agents

7, Human-Computer Interaction
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Will help experts and designers in the specification and development of applications incorporating ECAs
The Blind Men and the Elephant Revisited.- Embodied Conversational Agents on a Common Ground.- Empirical Evaluation Methodology for Embodied Conversational Agents.- Evaluating Users' Reactions to Human-Like Interfaces.- User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Affective Interfaces.- 'User as Assessor' Approach to Embodied Conversational Agents.- More About Brows.- Evaluation of Multimodal Behaviour of Embodied Agents.- ECA as User Interface Paradigm.- Talking to Digital Fish.- Experimental Evaluation of the Use of ECAs in ecommerce Applications.- What We Can Learn from Avatar-Driven Internet Communities.
Embodied conversational agents (ECAs) are autonomous software entities with human-like appearance and communication skills. These agents can take on a number of different roles, for example, as an assistant, tutor, information provider, or customer service agent. They may also simply represent or entertain a user.

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