Catalysts for Nitrogen Fixation: Nitrogenases, Relevant Chemical Models and Commercial Processes

1, Nitrogen Fixation
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Preface to the Series. Preface. List of Contributors. 1: Nitrogen Fixation: An Historical Perspective; K. Fisher and W.E. Newton1. Introduction
2. When did Biological Nitrogen Fixation Appear?
3. Nitrogen Fixation and Agriculture
4. Do Plants Assimilate Nitrogen from the Air?
5. Are Bacteria Responsible for Assimilating Nitrogen from the Air?
6. Do Free-Living Rhizobia Fix N2?
7. Commercial Application of Biological Nitrogen Fixation
8. Commercial Application of Industrial Nitrogen Fixation
9. Inorganic Ions and Nitrogen Fixation
10. Methods Used for the Detection of Nitrogen Fixation
11. Beginning of the Biochemistry of Biological Nitrogen Fixation
12. Cell-free Extracts and Beyond
References 2: Haber-Bosch and Other Industrial Processes; G.J. Leigh
1. Background to Industrial Fixation
2. Dinitrogen Chemistry up to ca. 1900
3. Industrial Fixation of Nitrogen
4. Developments since ca. 1920
5. Possible Future Developments
References 3: Assay Methods for Products of Nitrogenase Action on Substrates; M.J. Dilworth
1. Introduction
2. Protons
3. HD Formation
4. Nitrogenous Substrates
5. Carbon-containing Substrates
6. Substrates containing Nitrogen and Carbon
7. Sulfur-containing Substrates
8. Other Assay Components
9. Concluding Remarks
References 4: The Structures of the Nitrogenase Proteins and Stabilized Complexes; P.M.C. Benton and J.W. Peters
1. Introduction
2.The Fe Protein
3. The MoFe Protein
4. Nitrogenase Complex Structures
References 5: The Mechanism of Mo-dependent Nitrogenase: Thermodynamics and Kinetics; R.Y. Igarashi and L.C. Seefeldt
1. Introduction
2. The Fe-protein Cycle
3. The MoFe-protein Cycle
4. Future Prospects
References 6: Strategies for the Functional Analysis of the Azotobacter vinelandii MoFe Protein and its Active Site FeMo-cofactor; S.M. Mayer, P.C. Dos Santos, L.C. Seefeldt and D.R. Dean
1. Introduction
2. Genetic Manipulation and Biochemical Techniques for the Study of A. vinelandii Nitrogenase
3. Insights gained into Nitrogenase Structure-Function from Genetic and Biochemical Studies
4. Summary and Outlook
References 7: Chemical Models, Theoretical Calculations, and Reactivity of Isolated Iron-Molybdenum Cofactor; F. Barrière, M.C. Durrant and C.J. Pickett
1. Introduction
2. Chemical Models
3. Theoretical Calculations
4. Isolation and Reactivity of the Nitrogenase FeMo-cofactor
5. Summary and Future Prospects
References 8: Structural Models for the FeMo-cofactor and the P Clusters; D.J. Evans
1. Introduction
2. FeMo-cofactor Models
3. The P Cluster
4. Concluding Remarks
References 9. Biosynthesis of Iron-Molybdenum and Iron-Vanadium Cofactors of the nif- and vnf-encoded Nitrogenases; P.W. Ludden, P. Rangaraj and L.M. Rubio
1. Introduction
2. Discovery and Characterization of FeMo-cofactor
3. Structures of FeMo-cofactor and FeV-cofactor and their Sites in the MoFe and VFe Proteins
4. FeMo-cofactor and FeV-cofactor Biosynthesis
5. in vitro FeMo-cofactor Synthesis
6. Role of NifQ
7. Role of NifB
8. Role of NifNE
9. Role NifH
10. NifV and the Role of Homocitrate
11. Role of NifX
12. Role of NifU
13. Role of NifS
14. Role of NifM
15. Roles of NifW and NifZ
16. Non-nif Protein Requirements
17. Role of VnfG
18. Role of Nucleotides and Divalent Metals in FeMo-cofactor Synthesis
19. Model for the Biosynthesis of FeMo-cofactor and FeV-cofactor
References 10: Vanadium
Biological nitrogen fixation provides more than 50% of the total annual input of the essential element nitrogen to world agriculture. Thus, it is of immense agronomic importance and critical to food supplies, particularly in developing countries.

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