Isotopes in Palaeoenvironmental Research

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1. Isotopes in Water W. George Darling, Adrian H. Bath, John J. Gibson, Kazimierz Rozanski Introduction Oxygen and hydrogen stable isotopes in precipitation From precipitation to terrestrial water Lake waters and mass balance modelling Dissolved carbon From proxy to climate - constraints on interpretation Summary References 2. Isotopes in tree rings Danny McCarroll, Neil J. Loader Introduction Tree ring archives Isotope fractionation in trees Sample selection and preparation Mass spectrometry Data analysis Environmental signals Multi-proxy dendroclimatology Summary References 3. Isotopes in bones and teeth Robert E.M. Hedges, Rhiannon E. Stevens, Paul L. Koch Introduction Isotope incorporation into bone Relationship of bone isotope composition to an animal's diet Preservation of the isotope signal in bone and tooth Environmental influences on isotope transport through food chains Application of isotope techniques to bone and teeth Summary References 4. Isotopes in lake sediments Melanie J. Leng, Angela L. Lamb, Timothy H.E. Heaton, James D. Marshall,Brent B. Wolfe, Matthew D. Jones, Jonathan A. Holmes, Carol Arrowsmith Introduction Oxygen isotope systematics in inorganic materials Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in bulk organic sediments and compound specific carbon Nitrogen isotopes in lacustrine organic matter Oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in lacustrine organic matter Summary References 5. Isotopes in speleothems Frank McDermott, Henry Schwarcz, Peter J.Rowe Introduction Oxygen isotopes in speleothems Carbon isotopes in speleothems Fluid inclusions in speleothems: methodologies and some recent results Summary References 6. Isotopes in marine sediments Mark A. Maslin, George E. A. Swann Introduction Oxygen isotopes in marine sediments Carbon isotopes in marine sediments Nitrogen isotopes in marine sediments Silicon isotopes in marine sediments Boron isotopes in marine sediments Summary References Glossary, acronyms, abbreviations Index
This thorough reference shows how stable isotopes can be applied to understanding the palaeoenvironment, with chapters on the interpretation of isotopes in water, tree rings, bones and teeth, lake sediments, speleothems and marine sediments. The book offers detailed advice on calibration, including a multi-proxy approach, using isotope signals from different materials or combined with other palaeoenvironmental techniques, to enhance the reliability of readings.
Editiert von: Melanie J. Leng
Melanie J. Leng (ed) is head of palaeoclimate research at the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory and Chair in Isotope Geoscience, University of Nottingham.

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