Design Computing and Cognition '04

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Preface. Conceptual Design. An intelligent assistant for conceptual design; K. Koile. Feature nodes: An interaction construct for sharing initiative in design exploration; S. Datta, R.F. Woodbury. Computer-aided conceptual design of building structures; R. Mora, et al. That elusive concept of concept in architecture; A. Heylighen, G. Martin.
Design Cognition. A cognitive evaluation of a computer system for generating Mondrian-like artwork; A. Gómez, et al. Cognitive investigations into knowledge representation in engineering design; J. Moss, et al. An analysis of problem framing in multiple settings; Song Gao, T. Kvan.
Design Generation. Explorations in using an aperiodic spatial tiling as a design generator; K. Shea. Generative modelling with timed L-systems; J. McCormack. Formalizing generation and transformation in design; O. Atkin, H. Moustapha. Styles, grammars, authors and users; A.I-Kang Li.
Representation in Design. Data views, data recognition, design queries and design rules; R. Stouffs, R. Krishnamurti. Providing an overview during the design of complex products; T.A.W. Jarratt, et al. An ecological approach to generative design; A. Turner, et al. Making a wall; R. Cruise, P. Ayres.
Patterns in Design. Emergent elements in periodic designs: An attempt at formalization; K. Grzesiak-Kopec. Animation in art design; E. Grabska, et al. Formulation of aesthetic evaluation and selection; Zhen Yu Gu, et al.
Designing with Shapes and Features. Evaluation of a 3D shape grammar implementation; Hau Hing Chau, et al. A grammar based approach for feature modelling in CAD; E. Ostrosi, M. Ferney. Computing withanalyzed shapes; D. Krstic. Extending shape grammars with descriptors; H. Liew.
Agents in Design. Describing situated design agents; G.J. Smith, J.S. Gero. An ontological and agent based approach to knowledge management within a distributed design environment; C. Chira, et al. Multijade; F.M. Varejão, et al. A computational framework for the study of creativity and innovation in design: effects of social ties; R. Sosa, J.S. Gero.
Words and Rationale in Design. Quantifying coherent thinking in design: a computational linguistics approach; A. Dong. Word graphs in architectural design; B. de Vries, et al. An integrated approach for software design checking using design rationale; J.E. Burge, D.C. Brown.
Interaction: Sentience and Sketching. Designing a ubiquitous smart space of the future: the principle of mapping; TaySheng Jeng. Elements of sentient buildings; A. Mahdavi. Three R's of drawing and design computation; M.D. Gross, E. Yi-Luen Do.
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Artificial intelligence provides an environmentally rich paradigm within which design research based on computational constructions can be carried out. This has been one of the foundations for the developing field called "design computing".

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Autor: Asko Riitahuhta
ISBN-13 :: 9781402023927
ISBN: 1402023928
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Auflage 2004
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