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Your Student Research Project

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Martin Luck
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Contents: Introduction. Stage 1 Thinking About It: Motivation and skills; Fitting it in. Stage 2 Planning It: Choosing a topic; Planning your research. Stage 3 Doing It: Reading the literature; Making progress; Some bright ideas. Stage 4 Presenting it: Writing it up; Assessment. Stage 5 Shouting About It!: Shout about it!; Bibliography; Index.
Now that you are approaching the final stages of your degree, have you ever wondered how you're going to cope with writing your dissertation? Apart from the practicalities of suddenly having to think and work in a completely different, and more in-depth, way trom before, how are you going to fit it in with the rest of your work and also have a social life? Your Student Research Project will show you how. This book gives you practical advice on how to cope with your project and make a success of your studies. It: ¢ is written in clear, accessible language ¢ provides a clear outline of practical guidance on how to run your project, from thinking about what topic to cover to the most effective way of presenting it ¢ explains how to work with your supervisor and the other important people around you ¢ shows you how to squeeze the maximum value from the effort you put in ¢ enables you to recognize how you have changed in the process and ¢ encourages you to exploit the skills and experiences you have gained in the world beyond your degree. It takes a different approach from other books on research methods because it considers the project as only one part of your existence. It concentrates on advice, ideas and examples while still giving thought to how you will manage your work within a crowded and exciting life. Above all, Your Student Research Project helps you to keep track of where you are heading and to make the right preparations for the future.

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