Ethnopolitical Encyclopaedia of Europe

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Acknowledgements List of Contributors Key Websites List of Maps List of Tables List of Figures Introduction: Ethnopolitics in Contemporary Europe; S.Wolff & K.Cordell WESTERN EUROPE: AN OVERVIEW; S.Wolff & K.Cordell Austria: An Overview; M.Polzer-Srienz The Croat Community in Austria; M.Polzer-Srienz The Slovene Community in Austria; M.Polzer-Srienz Belgium: An Overview; M.Huysseune The Flemish Community in Belgium; M.Huysseune The French-Speaking Community in Belgium; M.Huysseune The German Community in Belgium; M.Huysseune France: An Overview; F.Daftary The Alsatian Community in France; A.Lee The Basque Community in France; A.Esteban The Breton Community in France; A.Lee The Corsican Community in France; F.Daftary Germany: An Overview; K.Cordell The Danish Community in Germany; P.Thaler The Sorb Community in Germany; L.Mertens The German-Speaking Community in Italy; S.Wolff The Netherlands: The Frisian Community in the Netherlands; A.Richardson Spain: The Basque Community in Spain; S.Harty The Catalan Community in Spain; E.Roller The Galician Community in Spain; C.Millan-Varela & X-M.Nunez Switzerland: An Overview; K.Cordell The Raeto-Romansh-Speaking Community in Switzerland; A.P.Maissen The Unionist/Loyalist and Nationalist/Republican Communities in Northern Ireland; S.Wolff Scotland in the United Kingdom; S.Newman Wales and the Welsh in the United Kingdom; R.Jones & E.Royles THE NORDIC STATES: AN OVERVIEW; S.Wolff & K.Cordell Denmark: The German Community in Denmark; P.Thaler The Sami Communities of Finland, Norway and Sweden; I.Barnes The Swedish Community in Finland; I.Barnes EAST-CENTRAL AND SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE: AN OVERVIEW; S.Wolff & K.Cordell The Czech Republic: An Overview; J.Wilton The Roma in the Czech Republic; C.Clark The Slovak Community in the Czech Republic; K.Henderson Hungary: An Overview; E.Sobotka The Roma in Hungary; E.Sobotka Poland: An Overview; K.Cordell The Belarusan Community in Poland; A.Dybczynski The German Community in Poland; K.Cordell The Lithuanian Community in Poland; D.Furmonavicius The Ukrainian Community in Poland; K.Cordell & A.Dybczynski Slovakia: An Overview; G.Batonyi The Hungarian Community in Slovakia; G.Batonyi The Roma in Slovakia; C.Clark Albania: Ethnic Greeks in Albania; T.Triadafilopoulos Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Bosniak Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina; R.Hudson The Croat Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina; N.Tzifakis The Serb Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina; F.Bieber Bulgaria: An Overview; R.Vassilev The Macedonian Community in Bulgaria; R.Vassilev The Pomak Community in Bulgaria; R.Vassilev The Turkish Community in Bulgaria; R.Vassilev Croatia: An Overview; A.London The Serb Community in Croatia; A.London Greece: The Albanian Community in Greece; T.Triadafilopoulos The Macedonian Community in Greece; G.Agelopoulos Macedonia: The Republic of Macedonia; J.Engstrom The Albanian Community in Macedonia; J.Engstrom The Macedonian Community in Macedonia; J.Engstrom The Turkish Community in Macedonia; J.Engstrom The Roma in Macedonia; J.Engstrom The Serb Community in Macedonia; J.Engstrom Romania: An Overview; P.Blokker The Hungarian Community in Romania; I.Agota The Roma in Romania; F.Moisa Serbia and Montenegro: The Albanian Community in Kosovo; R.Belloni The Hungarian Community in Serbia and Montenegro; R.Hudson The Montenegrin Community in Serbia and Montenegro; R.Hudson The Muslims in Serbia and Montenegro; F.Bieber The Serb Community in Serbia; O.Fisher Slovenia: An Overview; M.Sedmak The Hungarian Community in Slovenia; M.Sedmak The Italian Community in Slovenia; M.Sedmak Cyprus: An Overview; A.S.Jakobsson-Hatay The Republic of Cyprus; A.S.Jakobsson-Hatay The Turkish Republic of Cyprus; A.S.Jakobsson-Hatay THE SUCCESSOR STATES TO THE FORMER SOVIET UNION; S.Wolff & K.Cordell Armenia: An Overview; B.Andrees The Yezidi Community in Armenia; B.Andrees Azerbaijan: An Overview; G.Pashayeva The Armenian Community in Azerbaijan (Nagorno Karabakh); G.Pashayeva Belarus: The Belarusan Community in Belarus; J.Radzilowski Estonia: An Overview; D.Reveron Georgia: The Georgian Community in Georgia; C.Stefes The Abkhazian Community in Georgia; K.Tsikhelashvili The (South) Ossetian Community in Georgia; K.Tsikhelashvili Latvia: An Overview; A.Purs Lithuania: An Overview; M.Lenn The Polish Community in Lithuania; J.Radzilowski Moldova: An Overview; L.Petkova The Gagauz Community in Moldova; L.Petkova The Russian Community in Moldova; L.Petkova Russia: An Overview; L.March The Bashkir Community in Russia; D.Gorenburg The Chechen Community in Russia; B.G.Williams Dagestan; B.G.Williams The German Community in Russia; J.Kuhl The Kalymyk Community in Russia; B.Kornoussova & F.Grin Ukraine: An Overview; S.Stewart The Russian Community in Ukraine; J.Radzilowski The Tatar Community in Ukraine; S.Stewart Index
The Ethnopolitical Encyclopaedia of Europe is the first work of its kind that systematically and rigorously examines the politics of ethnicity throughout the continent as a whole. Rather than indulge in a tour of Europe designed to unearth as many diverse population groups as possible, the Encyclopaedia is focused and serves as a unique data source on the continent's politically mobilized ethnic groups. In order to facilitate easy access, the various regions of Europe are assessed and then the nature of the politics of ethnicity is analyzed on a country-by-country basis. The combination of incisive entries, maps, tables and easy-to-use country guides makes this an invaluable reference book for both academics and practitioners.
Autor: K. Cordell, S. Wolff
GEORGES AGELOPOULOS Panteion University, Athens, GreeceILYES AGOTA
BEATE ANDREES Free University of Berlin, Germany
IAN BARNES University of Derby, UK
GABOR BATONYI University of Bradford, UK
ROBETRO BELLONI Harvard University, USA
FLORIAN BIEBER Europen Centre for Minority Issues, Germany
PAUL BLOKKER European University Institute, Florence, Italy
COLIN CLARK University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
FARIMAH DAFTARY Europen Centre for Minority Issues, Germany
ANDRZEJ DYBCZYNSKI Institute of Politics, University of Wroclaw, Poland
JENNY ENGSTROM London School of Economics, UK
OMER FISHER University of Strathclyde, UK
DARIUS FURMONAVICIUS Baltic Research Unit, University of Bradford, UK
FRANCOIS GRIN ETI, University of Geneva, Switzerland
SIOBHAN HARTY Government of Canada, Human Resources Development, Canada
KAREN HENDERSON University of Leicester, UK
ROBERT HUDSON University of Derby, UK
MICHEL HUYSSEUNE Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
ANN-SOFI JAKOBSSON-HATAY Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden
REBECCA JONES Department of International Politics, University of Wales Abrystwyth, UK
BOSSIA KORNOUSSOVA Kalmyk Centre for Intensive Language Teaching, Russia
JORGEN KUHL Danish Institute of Border Region Studies, Denmark
ADRIAN LEE Department of Politics, University of Plymouth, UK
ANTHONY LONDON School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UK
LUKE MARCH University of Edinburgh, UK
LOTHAR MERTENS Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
CARMEN MILLAN-VARELA University of Birmingham, UK
FLORIN MOISA Resource Centre for Roma Communities, Romania
SAUL NEWMAN Department of Government, American University, Washington, UK
XOSÉ-MANOEL NUNEZ Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
GULSHAN PASHAYEVA Director of Conflict Research Centre, Azerbaijan
LILIA PETKOVA Budapest Economics Ltd, Hungary
MIRJAM POLZER-SRIENZ Institute for Political Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria
ALDIS PURS Eastern Michigan University, USA
JOHN RADZILOWSKI University of Minnesota, USA
ANNETTE RICHARDSON University of Alberta, Canada
ELISA ROLLER Department of Government, University of Manchester, UK
ELIN ROYLES Department of International Politics, University of Wales Abrystwyth, UK
MATEJA SEDMAK Science and Reserach Centre, Koper, Slovenia
EVA SOBOTKA Lancaster University, UK
CHRISTOPH STEFES University of Colorado, USA
SUSAN STEWART Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, Germany
PETER THALER University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
KETEVAN TSIKHELASHVILI International Centre on Conflict and Negotiation, Georgia
ROSSEN VASSILEV Ohio State University, USA
BRIAN GLYN WILLIAMS University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA
JOHN WILTON University of Leicester, UK

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Autor: K. Cordell
ISBN-13 :: 9781349665167
ISBN: 1349665169
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Macmillan Education
Seiten: 708
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2004
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