Dictionary of Labour Biography

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Acknowledgements Notes to Readers List of Contributors List of Bibliographies and Special Notes Biographies Consolidated List of Names in Volumes I-XII General Index
The Dictionary of Labour Biography has an outstanding reputation as a reference work for the study of nineteenth and twentieth-century British history. Volume XII maintains this standard of original and thorough scholarship. Each entry draws on primary sources, engages with the most recent historiography and is supported by an appropriate bibliography. The coverage emphasizes the ethnic and national diversity of British labour, the contribution of women and neglected political traditions including Trotskyism. Special notes on Keep Left and the Nenni Telegram offer new insights into the politics of the 1940s.
Editiert von: K. Gildart, D. Howell
ALAN CAMPBELL School of History, University of Liverpool, UKSTEPHEN CATTERALL University of Huddersfield, UK
MALCOLM CHASE Department of Continuing Education, University of Leeds, UK
KRISTA COWMAN Faculty of Arts, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
RALPH DARLINGTON School of Management, University of Salford, UK
GARY R. ENTZ Department of History, McPherson College, Kansas, USA
JAMES GREGORY Department of History, University of Southampton, UK
ANTONY HOWE Department of History, University of Sydney, Australia
KEVIN JEFFERYS Department of History, University of Plymouth, UK
NICK MANSFIELD National Museum of Labour History, Manchester, UK
ROBERT POOLE St. Martin's College, Lancaster, UK
ARCHIE POTTS Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
BOB PURDIE Ruskin College Oxford, Oxford, UK
ANDREW WHITEHEAD BBC, World Service, London, UK
CHRIS WRIGLEY Department of History, University of Nottingham, UK

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Autor: K. Gildart
ISBN-13 :: 9781349664825
ISBN: 1349664820
Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Macmillan UK, Macmillan Education
Seiten: 356
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2005
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x140x mm
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