Jimmy Carter and the Middle East

Middle East Today
The Politics of Presidential Diplomacy
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Introduction: President And Peacemaker
1. The Limits Of Candor (January-May 1977)
2. The ' 'The Need For A Political Plan ' ' (May-July 1977)
3. Firestorm Over U.S.-Soviet Joint Communiqué (August-October, 1977)
4. ' 'Cronkite Diplomacy, ' ' Sadat ' 's Jerusalem Initiative And U.S. Policy (November 1977-February 1978)
5. Capitol Hill Fight Over ' 'Package ' ' Airplane Deal (February-May 1978)
6. ' 'Getting Control ' ' At Camp David (June 1978-September 1978)
7. Desperate Diplomacy And The Egypt-Israel Treaty (October 1978-March 1979)
8. Lines Blur As Election Approaches (April 1979-November 1980)
Conclusion: Reconciling The Irreconcilable?
Based on newly declassified documents, this book offers a provocative new analysis of President Jimmy Carter's political role in Arab-Israeli diplomacy. It analyzes the reflexive relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy, especially the roles played by the media, public opinion and pro-Israel lobby groups.

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