Corpus Linguistics in Chinese Contexts

New Language Learning and Teaching Environments
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Foreword - Corpus Linguistics in China: theory, technology and pedagogy; Naixing WeiPreface
Introduction; Wenzhong Li and Simon Smith
1. Lexical Priming: The Odd Case of a Psycholinguistic Theory that Generates Corpus-linguistic Hypotheses for both English and Chinese; Michael Hoey and Juan Shao
2. Contrastive Corpus Linguistics: Cross-linguistic Contrast of English and Chinese; Richard Xiao
3. Learning Chinese with the Sketch Engine; Adam Kilgarriff, Nicole Keng, Simon Smith
4. Patterned Distribution of Phraseologies within Text: The Case of Research Articles; Maocheng Liang
5. Corpus' Pedagogic Processing of Phraseology for EFL Teaching: A Case of Implementation; Anping He
6. A Corpus Analysis of Chinese Students' (Mis-)use of Nouns at XJTLU; Wangheng Peng
7. A Corpus-based Analysis of the Use of Conjunctions in an EAP Teaching Context at a Sino-British University in China; Bin Zou and Wangheng Peng
8. Application of Corpus Analysis Methods to the Teaching of Advanced English Reading and Students' Textual Analysis Skills; Wang Haiping and Zheng Yuanyuan
9. An Appraisal Analysis of Reports about Chinese Military Affairs in The New York Times; Zhaoyang Mei, Ren Zhang and Baixiang Yu
Rapid advances in computing have enabled the integration of corpora into language teaching and learning, yet in China corpus methods have not yet been widely adopted. Corpus Linguistics in Chinese Contexts aims to advance the state of the art in the use of corpora in applied linguistics and contribute to the expertise in corpus use in China.

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