Post-War Bosnia

Ethnicity, Inequality and Public Sector Governance
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List of Tables LIst of Graphs List of Maps Preface Acknowledgements Note on the Terminology Introduction Historical Legacies Cleavages and Inequalities in Post-War Bosnia Governance and Administration in Bosnia The Record of the Post-Dayton Elections Addressing Inequality & Reforming Governance in Post-war Bosnia Conclusions Appendice Notes Bibliography Index
Ten years after the end of the war in Bosnia, ethnicity continues to matter and the country remains dependent on international intervention. The Dayton Peace Accord signed in 1995 successfully ended the war, but froze the ethnic conflict in one of the most complex systems of government in the world. The book provides an in-depth analysis of governance in this divided post-war country, providing important lessons for international intervention elsewhere around the world, from Afghanistan to Iraq.
Autor: F. Bieber
FLORIAN BIEBER is a Senior Non-Resident Research Associate of the European Centre for Minority Issues in Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro, and teaches at the Central European University, Hungary, the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the University of Bologna, Italy. His publications include Serbian Nationalism from the Death of Tito to the Fall of Milosevic.

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Autor: F. Bieber
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