Transaction Banking and the Impact of Regulatory Change

Basel III and Other Challenges for the Global Economy
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Foreword by Vitor Constâncio 1 Regulation and Transaction Banking: A journey through a relationship at the crossroads 2 Post-Crisis Regulatory Change Introduction 2.1 What is in store for the global banking industry 2.2 Financial stability 2.3 Consumer and investor protection 2.4 Standards and harmonisation 2.5 Other developments of significant calibre 3 Transaction Banking 101 Introduction 3.1 So ... What is transaction banking? 3.2 The role of transaction banking in the economy 4 The Journey from Basel I to Basel III: History and fundamentals explained Introduction and history of the Basel Committee 4.1 An overview of the journey from Basel I to Basel III 4.2 Additional BCBS requirements: the 'Framework on monitoring tools for intraday liquidity management' 4.3 ... And more additional BCBS requirements: the 'supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures' 4.4 Basel III: Some examples of national diverging implementations 4.5 What about the macroeconomic impact of Basel III? 5 The Payments Special: Europe Versus the US Introduction 5.1 European payments - the quest for integration 5.2 The saga of the EU Payment Services Directive 5.3 US Dodd-Frank revision of Regulation E, section 1073: A European import? 6 Impacts of Basel III and Other Regulations on the Transaction Banking Business Introduction 6.1 What Basel III and other key legislation will mean for cash Management 6.2 Basel III and other regulatory challenges to correspondent Banking 6.3 Trade finance under Basel III: A risk to global growth? 6.4 Securities services under Basel III 6.5 Other regulatory changes that impact transaction banking services 7 The Magic Mix: Or how to avoid future financial crises 7.1 What have we learned so far? 7.2 An overview of the themes arising from legislation 7.3 Solutions 7.4 Predictions
This book takes you on a journey through post-crisis regulatory reform, highlighting the unintended consequences of some of the measures on transaction banking, a business that provides the backbone of financial markets.

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