The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing

Discourses, Communities and Practices
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K. Bennett
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Introduction - The Political and Economic Infrastructure of Academic Practice: The 'Semiperiphery' as a Category for Social and Linguistic Analysis; Karen Bennett PART I: DISCOURSES IN TENSION 1. The Erosion of Portuguese Historiographic Discourse; Karen Bennett 2. The Changing Face of Czech Academic Writing; Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova 3. Academic Discourse Practices in Greece: Exploring the 'International Conference of Greek Linguistics'; Dimitra Vladimirou 4. Teaching Academic Writing for the Global World in Poland: The ELF Perspective; Anna Gonerko-Frej PART II: COMMUNITIES IN CONFLICT 5. Centre-periphery Relations in the Spanish Context: Temporal and Cross-disciplinary Variation; Sally Burgess 6. Portuguese Academics' Attitudes to English as the Lingua Franca: A Case Study; Rita Queiroz de Barros 7. Changing Research Writing Practices in Romania: Perceptions and Attitudes; Mirela Bardi and Laura Muresan 8. Looking Back from the Centre: Experiences and Perspectives of Italian Academics Living/Working Abroad; Raffaella Negretti PART III: PUBLICATION PRACTICES 9. Turkish Academic Culture in Transition: Centre-based State Policies and Semiperipheral Practices of Research, Publishing and Promotion; Hacer Hande Uysal 10. English-medium Journals in Serbia: Editors' Perspectives; Bojana Petri? 11. The Croatian Medical Journal: Success and Consequences; Ana Marusi? and Matko Marusi? 12. The Academic Weblog as a Semiperipheral Genre; Ma?gorzata Soko? Conclusion: Countering the Centripetal Forces in Academic Writing; Karen Bennett
With researchers around the world are under increasing pressure to publish in high-profile international journals, this book explores some of the issues affecting authors on the semiperiphery, who often find themselves torn between conflicting academic cultures and discourses.

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