Britain and the Holocaust

Remembering and Representing War and Genocide
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Olaf Jensen
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Introduction; Caroline Sharples and Olaf Jensen PART I: CONFRONTING THE HOLOCAUST 1. 'No One Believed What We Had Seen': British Soldiers who Witnessed Mass Murder in Auschwitz; Duncan Little 2. Holocaust on Trial: Mass Observation and British Media Responses to the Nuremberg Tribunal, 1945-6; Caroline Sharples 3. Loose Connections? Britain and the 'Final Solution'; Tony Kushner PART II: THE HOLOCAUST ON SCREEN 4. 'Marvellous Raisins in a Badly-Cooked Cake': British reactions to the screening of Holocaust;Tim Cole 5. 'And the trouble is where to begin to spring surprises on you. Perhaps a place you might least like to remember.' This is Your Life and the BBC's images of the Holocaust in the twenty years before Holocaust; James Jordan 6. The Holocaust in British Television and Film: A Look Over the Fence; Olaf Jensen PART III: THE HOLOCAUST IN EXHIBITIONS 7. Holocaust Art at the Imperial War Museum, 1945-2009; Antoine Capet 8. Holocaust Memory and Contemporary Atrocities: The IWM's Holocaust Exhibition and Crimes Against Humanity Exhibition; Rebecca Jinks 9. The Holocaust and Colonial Genocide at the Imperial War Museum; Tom Lawson PART III: COMMEMORATING THE HOLOCAUST 10. 'We Should Do Something for the Fiftieth': Remembering Auschwitz, Belsen and the Holocaust in Britain in 1995; Mark Donnelly 11. Britain's Holocaust Memorial Day: Inculcating 'British' or 'European' Holocaust Consciousness?; Andy Pearce 12. From Stockholm to Stockton: The Holocaust And/As Heritage in Britain; Dan Stone
How has Britain understood the Holocaust? This interdisciplinary volume explores popular narratives of the Second World War and cultural representations of the Holocaust from the Nuremberg trials of 1945-6, to the establishment of a national memorial day by the start of the twenty-first century.

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