Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches

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P. Kelly
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Acknowledgements Introduction Story Streams: Stories and their Tellers; Jan Shaw PART I: INDIGENOUS STORIES 1. The State of the Nation's Narratives; Witi Ihimaera 2. Testimonial Textures: Examining the Poetics of Non-Indigenous Stories about Reconciliation; Tom Clark and Ravi de Costa 3. Indigenous literature in the Pacific: The Question of the Didactic in Storytelling; Raylene Ramsay 4. Mother Stories: The Woman Myth in By the Bog of Cats and Tea in a China Cup; Kristen Liesch 5. (Re)telling the Story of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda: Une Saison de Machetes (Machete Season) by Jean Hatzfeld; Narelle Fletcher PART II: FICTIONAL HISTORY AND HISTORICAL FICTION 6. Transnational Glamour, National Allure: Community, Change and Cliché in Baz Luhrmann's Australia; Meaghan Morris 7. Writing the Story of the Wartime Occupation of the Channel Islands; Peter Goodall 8. War, Wives and Whitewash: The Zookeeper and his Aryan Animals; Julia Petzl-Berney 9. No Man's Land: A Revisionist Story of the Cyprus Problem; Irini Savvides 10. Transnational Storytelling: Visions of Italy in Two New Zealand Novels; Sarah Patricia Hill PART III: THE SEA OF STORIES 11. Shakespeare and the Sea of Stories; Mark Houlahan 12. Reading Chaucer 'in Parts': The Knight's Tale and The Two Noble Kinsmen; Margaret Rogerson 13. What Women Want: The Shrew's Story; Philippa Kelly 14. Stories of Selves and Infidels: Walter Charleton's Letter to Margaret Cavendish; L. E. Semler 15. 'Telling the story my way': Shakespearean Collaboration and Dialogism in the Secondary School Classroom; Linzy Brady 16. The Tale of Melusine in A. S. Byatt's Possession: Retelling Medieval Stories; Jan Shaw PART IV: CRITICAL CREATIVITY 17. Redcrosse: Storytelling, Nation and Religion in England; Ewan Fernie 18. Paul Auster's Storytelling in Invisible: The Pleasures of Postmodernity; Rosemary Huisman 19. Emotional Rhythm; Ian David 20. Rogues: A Speculation; Sue Woolfe 21. What Would Happen If ...? A Semi-Memoir of a Semi-Philosophical Musician and Sometime Carpenter; Paul Dresher Index
This collection uses the concept of 'story' to connect literary materials and methods of analysis to wider issues of social and political importance. Drawing on a range of texts, themes include post-colonial literatures, history in literature, old stories in contemporary contexts, and the relationship between creativity and criticism.

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