Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior through Humor

Laughter as the Best Teacher
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J. Biberman
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Contents From The Editors PART I: THE CORPORATE WORKPLACE 1. There Will Always Be Exceptions To The Rule 2. I Do Not Need The Footrest Anymore 3. Where Are We Going? 4. Gorilla In Aisle Two 5. Just Doing Our Job 6. And The Deaf Shall Hear 7. Who's In My Audience, And What Do They Need? 8. Whose Chair Is It Anyway? 9. Everyone Recognized The People Behind The Curtain 10. Making A Big Impression 11. Festive Decorations In The Neighborhood 12. Client Retention With Dogged Determination 13. Feng Shui De-Clutter 14. How Did We Decide That? 15. There's No Substitute For An Alarm Clock 16. A Swift Job 17. Compliment Or Insult? 18. Stripping Down 19. How's That Bonus Working Out For You? 20. I Bet You Used To! 21. No Monkeying Around 22. Not The Assistants! 23. How Did I Miss The Meeting? 24. How Satisfied Can Your Customer Really Be? 25. Genie In A Bottle 26. Golf Ball Or Gulf Ball 27. The Golden Office... 28. Bad Or Good? 29. This Is My Desk!!! 30. Thank You For Completing Our Survey 31. The Swindling Free Rider's Club 32. The Least Preferred Co-Worker 33. Heads Up 34. Three Is A Charm PART II: THE ACADEMIC WORKPLACE 35. Study Abroad 36. Which Tire? 37. Am I The Instructor? 38. What's The Deal With That Copy Machine? 39. Introduction To Personality 40. No Pictures In This Book! 41. Beware The Road To Abilene PART III: OUT AND ABOUT 42. The Universe Knows What It Is Doing... 43. I'm Tired, Let's Swim Back 44. The Power Of Knowledge 45. An Old Dog Does New Tricks 46. Seemingly Complex Problems Often Have Simple Solutions 47. Everything Has A Price 48. Fast Is Slow! 49. I'll Follow You Anywhere 50. 100% Of Your Life Is Wasted 51. I Love Cats 52. That Was Just The Sales Demo 53. Sly Humor Backfires! 54. Nobody's Wearing Shoes 55. Now Go Ahead And Sell Yourself! 56. If They Don't Like It Here, They Can Leave 57. Doing The Right Thing For Wrong Reasons 58. Taking The Lead 59. Hitting The Bull's Eye Every Time, All The Time! 60. Under-Qualified For Entry Level 61. Walking The Talk! 62. Someone Kidnapped The General Manager 63. We Carry Our Reality Wherever We Go 64. Exactly How Many? 65. Different Strokes... 66. You Cannot Please Everybody! 67. Fresh Fish Sold Here! 68. Brushing Crumbs 69. There Will Be No Questions Asked 70. Cleaning Up The Mess 71. Finding Vs. Fixing Faults 72. Every Dog Has Its Day 73. A Time For Stocking - Not Sleeping 74. I Am The Exception: Others Need To Improve Their Behavior 75. One Thing Missing
A unique, non-traditional, Organizational Behavioral-oriented book that is geared toward flexible leadership, and that offers a series of funny, yet thought-provoking, motivating, growth-oriented jokes and humor anecdotes that will help readers tap into their internal locus of control.

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