International Students and Scholars in the United States

Coming from Abroad
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Heike C. Alberts
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Foreword; Wei Li 1.Introduction; Helen Hazen and Heike Alberts PART I: MIGRATION PATTERNS AND EXPERIENCES 2. British Students in the United States: Motivations, Experiences, and Career Aspirations; Russell King, Allan Findlay, Jill Ahrens, and Alistair Geddes 3. The Emerging Brain Circulation between China and the US; Wan Yu 4. 'Too Many Things Pull Me Back and Forth.' Return Intentions and Transnationalism among International Students; Helen Hazen and Heike Alberts German Faculty in the United States: Return Migration Intentions, Reform, and Research Networks; Heike Alberts PART II: DIVERSITY 6. International Faculty: A Source of Diversity; Rebecca Theobald 7. International Students and Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities for Campus Internationalization; Kavita Pandit PART III: CHALLENGES AND SUPPORT 8. Succeeding Abroad: International Students in the United States; Alisa Eland and Kay Thomas 9. African Students in the US Higher Education System: A Window of Opportunities and Challenges; Jane Irungu 10. Supporting and Mentoring International Faculty: Issues and Strategies; Ken Foote 11. Teaching and Learning with Accented English; Heike Alberts, Helen Hazen, and Rebecca Theobald 12. Conclusion; Heike Alberts and Helen Hazen
An international team of academics and experienced practitioners here bring together scholarship on academic migrants to the United States - the world's top recipient of academic talent. They examine the multidirectional migration patterns of academic migrants, adaptation challenges, and the roles played by international students and faculty.

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