The Tempest and New World-Utopian Politics

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F. Brevik
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PART I: THE NEW WORLD TEMPEST ORTHODOXY AS MULTICULTURAL PEDAGOGY The Rampant Politicization of Tempest - Criticism - and its Recent Discontents Teaching The Tempest in an American-Adamic Context PART II: 'TEXT' VERSUS 'CONTEXT' IN POST-SECOND WORLD WAR CRITICISM Such Maps as Dreams are Made on: Discourse, Utopian Geography, and The Tempest's Island Calibans Anonymous: The Journey from Text to Self in Modern Criticism PART III: SUBVERSIVE AMERICAN ADAMS AND ANARCHIC UTOPISTS The Tempest Beyond Post-Colonial Politics: Vargas Llosa's The Storyteller as Topical Retrotext 'Any Strange Beast there Makes a Man': New World Manliness as Old World Kingliness in The Tempest 'Thought Is Free': The Tempest, Freedom of Expression, and the New World PART IV: APORIC HYPER-TOPICALITY AND TEMPESTIAN MULTI-VALENCY Towards A Post-1989 Reading of The Tempest A Presentist New Formalism?
This study on New World-utopian politics in The Tempest traces paradigm shifts in literary criticism over the past six decades that have all but reinscribed the text into a political document. This book challenges the view that the play has a dominant New World dimension and demonstrates through close textual readings how an unstable setting at the same time enables and effaces discursively over-invested New World interpretations. Almost no critical attention has been paid to the play's vacuum of power, and this work interprets pastoral, utopian, and 'American' tensions in light of the play's forever-ambiguous setting as well as through a 'presentist' post-1989 lens, an oft-neglected historical and political paradigm shift in Shakespeare criticism.

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