Class Inequality in Austerity Britain

Power, Difference and Suffering
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W. Atkinson
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Introduction: A Critical Sociology of the Age of Austerity; W.Atkinson, S.Roberts & M.Savage Economic Crisis and Classed Everyday Life: Hysteresis, Positional Suffering and Symbolic Violence; W.Atkinson "We never get a fair chance": Working-class Experiences of Education in the Twenty-First Century; D.Reay Banking on the Future: Choices, Aspirations and Economic Hardship in Working-class Student Experience; H.Bradley & N.Ingram "Aspirations" and Imagined Futures: The Im/possibilities for Britain's Young Working Class; S.Roberts & S.Evans Personalising Poverty: Parental Determinism and the "Big Society" Agenda; V.Gillies The Urban Outcasts of the British City; M.Clement The Devalued and Stigmatized Working Class: The State of a Council Estate; L.McKenzie Broken Communities?; M.Savage Facing the Challenge of the Return of the Rich; A.Sayer Conclusion: Three Challenges to the Exportation of Sociological Knowledge; W.Atkinson, S.Roberts & M.Savage
When the Coalition Government came to power in 2010 in claimed it would deliver not just austerity, as necessary as that apparently was, but also fairness. This volume subjects this pledge to critical interrogation by exposing the interests behind the policy programme pursued and their damaging effects on class inequalities. Situated within a recognition of the longer-term rise of neoliberal politics, reflections on the status of sociology as a source of critique and current debates over the relationship between the cultural and economic dimensions of social class, the contributors cover an impressively wide range of relevant topics, from education, family policy and community to crime and consumption, shedding new light on the experience of domination in the early 21st Century.

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