The Right Side of the Sixties

Reexamining Conservatism's Decade of Transformation
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Laura Jane Gifford
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What Happened to Conservatism in the 1960s?; L.J.Gifford & D.K.Williams PART I: THE POLITICS OF RACE Courting Conservatism: White Resistance and the Ideology of Race in the 1960s; S.R.Rolph 'Inequality for All and Mint Juleps, Too': White Social Sororities and 'Freedom of Association' in the United States; M.L.Freeman 'Build, Baby, Build': Conservative Black Nationalists, Free Enterprise, and the Nixon Administration; J.D.Farrington PART II: SHAPING CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY Fellow Travelers: Overlap Between 'Mainstream' and 'Extremist' Conservatives in the Early 1960s; S.Brenner From Without To Within the Movement: Consolidating the Conservative Think Tank in the 'Long Sixties'; J.Stahl PART III: GOD AND COUNTRY The Righteousness of Difference: Orthodox Jews and the Establishment Clause, 1965-1971; R.D.Rubin Richard Nixon's Religious Right: Catholics, Evangelicals, and the Creation of an Anti-Secular Alliance; D.K.Williams PART IV: THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA 'Girded with a Moral and Spiritual Revival': The Christian Anti-Communism Crusade and Conservative Politics; L.J.Gifford Disarming the Devil: The Conservative Campaign against a Nuclear Détente in the 1960s; M.Brenes Defending Freedom in Vietnam: A Conservative Dilemma; S.Offenbach Evangelical Internationalism: A Conservative Worldview for the Age of Globalization; A.Preston PART V: THE CONSERVATIVE TRIUMPH IN THE GOP Spiro T. Agnew: The Decline of Moderates and Rise of the Republican Right; J.P.Coffey Epilogue: Looking Back on the Decade in Which Conservatism 'Grew Up'; L.J.Gifford & DK.Williams
The 1960s were a transformative era for American politics, but much is still unknown about the growth of conservatism during the period when it was radically reshaped and became the national political force that it is today. In their efforts to chronicle the national politicians and organizations that led the movement, previous histories have often neglected local perspectives, the role of religion, transnational exchange, and other aspects that help to explain conservatism's enduring influence in American politics. Taken together, the contributions gathered here offer a cutting-edge synthesis that incorporates these overlooked developments and provides new insights into the way that the 1960s shaped the trajectory of postwar conservatism.

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