European Union Budget Reform

Institutions, Policy and Economic Crisis
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G. Benedetto
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Preface; S. Wall Introduction: A History of the European Union Budget and the Possibilities for Reform; G. Benedetto PART I: THE POLITICS OF BUDGET REFORM Negotiations of the European Union Budget: How Decision Processes Constrain Policy Ambition; S. Hagemann Budget Reform and the Lisbon Treaty; G. Benedetto European Growth Policies in Times of Change: Budget Reform, Economic Crisis and Policy Entrepreneurship; R. Kaiser H. Prange-Gstöhl The Lisbon Treaty, Financial Crisis and Exit from Budget Gridlock; C. B. Blankart G. B. Koester PART II: PUBLIC SPENDING AND BUDGET REFORM Reform of the European Union Budget: Implications for the Common Agricultural Policy; A. Greer Challenges for the Future of the Structural Funds; S. Milio Foreign and Security Policy in Austerity Europe: Budgetary Aspects of the Development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defence Policy; A. Miskimmon Conclusion: Budget Policy, Past Experience and the Future; G. Benedetto S. Milio Bibliography Index
A tension between (richer) contributing Member States and (poorer) recipient Member States has always characterised the history of the budget of the European Union, the politics of which has often turned fraught. This volume evaluates the prospects for major change to expenditure and the structure of the budget for the period starting in 2014.

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