Understanding How Issues in Business Ethics Develop

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I. Jones
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Introduction Who Influences Debates in Business Ethics?; I.Jones & M.Pollitt Comments; R.Worcester Agricultural Biotechnology Hanging in the Balance: Why the Anti-GM Food Campaign has been so Successful; S.Meyer Comments; P.Siddall Child Labour in the Third World; A.Clayton Comments; R.S.Rubin Corporate Ethics: The Role of Internal Compliance Programs Under the US Sentencing Guidelines; M.Goldsmith & A.Brice-Larson Comments; S.Deakin The OECD's Anti-Bribery Covention; G.Rodmell Comments; R.Whittaker The Roel of Global Institutional Investors; P.Butler Comments; G.Jubb Reading the Business Ethics Radar: Lessons from Shell; M.Moody-Stuart Comments; B.Taylor Understanding How Issues in Business Ethics Develop: Lessons for Business; I.Jones & M.Pollitt
Corporate governance, executive pay, child labour and control of industrial pollution are issues that all companies must face. While the issues themselves have been widely discussed, the process by which they develop is a much less discussed area. A key to being a sustainable company is the capacity to understand and predict how such issues develop. This book examines the development of a number of issues and draws lessons which companies in the future can use.

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