Linguistic Battles in Trademark Disputes

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Roger W. Shuy
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Foreword The Battle over Linguists and Law A Very Brief Introduction to Linguistics for Lawyers Generic vs. Secondary Meaning: Registry Hotel v. Hospitality Mgt. Teaching a Jury About Meaning: Warren v. Prestone Sounding Alike and Meaning Alike: ConAgra v. Hormell Descriptiveness: Nouns and Modifiers: Woodroast v. Restaurants Unlimited The Meaning of a Patronymic Prefix: Quality Inns c. McDonalds Sounding, Looking, and Meaning Different: AMR Pharm v. American Home Products Differences in the Ingredients, Qualities and Characteristics of the Products: Pyewacket v. Mattel Going Beyond Competing, Company and Product Names: AutoNation USA v. CarMax Using Foreign Language Words in Trademarks: Alixandre Furs v. Alexandros Furs Disclaiming Dealership Authorization: Matrix Essentials v. F & M. Distributors Using Linguistics Tools and Thinking in Trademark Disputes Some Suggestions for Linguists Some Suggestions for Attorneys Power, Control, and the Ownership of Language References Cases Discussed
Battles over knowledge, authority, and power are often fought when two different fields address the same issues. This book takes an important step towards showing how quite different fields, law and linguistics, can work together effectively in trademark cases. After presenting the basics of each field, readers are shown how linguistics was used in ten trademark lawsuits, five of which had opposing linguists on each side. Finally, helpful suggestions are given to both linguists and lawyers.

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