Redefining Financial Services

The New Renaissance in Value Propositions
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J. DiVanna
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PART 1: INTRODUCTION TO VALUE PROPOSITIONS PART 2: THE FUTURE OF BANKING SERVICES Designing the Twenty-first-century Financial Institution for Value The Future of Banking Pervasive Computing: Really Getting Know Your Toaster Convergence and the Changing Landscape of Financial Services eInsurance: Staking a Claim in the New World of Insurance Capital Markets: Global Aspirations, Regional Values and Local Fears Introducing eMarketplaces Web Projects, Infrastructure and Value Propositions Dot-com Lessons Learned: To Be or Not To Be, Value is the Question PART 3: GLOBAL VIEWPOINTS Developing Trust, Brands and Services in African Banking The Asian Advantage: A Modular Approach to Business Agility Taiwanese Collaborative Product Commerce Lifestyle Banking from Down Under The European Synconomy The Scandinavian Approach to mBanking Eastern Europe Inc. Even Shakespeare said 'What's in a name?' Developing a Twenty-first-century Middle Eastern Financial Services Agenda Diaspora Financial Services for Mobile Populations Globalization: One Size Does Not Fit All PART 4: THE FUTURE OF PAYMENT SYSTEMS An Evolution to the Exchange of Value Anticipatory Technologies and Customer Centricity Globalization, Social Adoption, International Regulation and the Evolution to Bankruptcy Privacy: Big Brother Meets the Marketing Experts Valagents: Digital Indentured Servants in the Age of eMoney PART 5: EMARKETPLACES: THE NEW FRONTIER FOR SERVICES Introducing New Financial Products and Services How to Approach the eMarketplace Space The Evolution of eMarketplaces Creating a Value Proposition Developing Centres of Competencies Selecting the Right Partners and Managing Relationships Moving into Action Conclusion: Developing a Twenty-first-century Agenda
Redefining Financial Services explores the fundamental redefinition of the role of financial intermediaries in the new century. Combining empirical knowledge with a historical approach, the author reveals that seven centuries of advances in technology have changed the nature of financial services very little. Examining the state of financial services today in the context of the new economy's evolution, Joe DiVanna investigates what changes are happening in the financial industry, where they are occurring, how they are materializing and, more importantly, why.

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