The Development of Radar Equipments for the Royal Navy, 1935-45

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List of Illustrations - List of Tables - Preface - Tribute: Cecil Horton: Father of British Naval Radar - Development and Installation of British Naval Radar - Some Significant Milestones - Notes on the Contributors - PART I: RADAR EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENTS, 1935-45 - The Origins and Development of Radar in the Royal Navy, 1935-1945, with Particular Reference to Decimetric Gunnery Equipments; J.F.Coales - Basic Science and Research for Naval Radar, 1935-1945; B.W.Lythall - Valve Developments for Naval Radar Applications, 1935-45; F.M.Foley - Royal Navy Metric Warning Radar, 1935-45; J.S.Shayler - Development of Naval Warning and Tactical Radar Operations in the 10-cm Band, 1940-45; C.A.Cochrane - The Royal Navy and IFF - Identification Friend or Foe, 1935-45; J.S.Shayler - PART II: RADAR SHIP-FITTING AND MAINTENANCE, 1939-45 - Radar Ship-Fitting and Maintenance in the Royal Navy 1935-45: Experiences at Scapa Flow, May 1940 to April 1942; B.G.H.Rowley - Radar Maintentance at Sea: A Personal Story, 1940-5; R.A. Laws - Naval Radar, Fitting Policy, Matériel Procurement, Installation, Sea-Trials and Shore-Based Maintenance; A.M. Patrick - Appendix 1: Type Numbers of Naval Radar Sets, Operational or Designed, 1935-45 - Appendix 2: Tabulations of Radar System Data, 1935-45 - Appendix 3: Ship-Fitting Tables, 1938-45, Arranged by Class of Ship - Appendix 4: Table of Manufacturers Employed on Naval Radar Developments - Glossary - Select Bibliography - Index
This book presents authoritative accounts of the evolution, development and application of Royal Naval radar from its inception in 1935 until the end of World War 2. The accounts are based on the individual authors' contemporary experiences, extensive archival research and discussions with surviving wartime colleagues. An overview is presented of the pioneering work at HM Signal School (later the Admiralty Signal Establishment), followed by descriptions of the main programmes of radar development, associated research, and the problems of installation of the equipment in ships, as well as its operation and maintenance at sea. Tabulations of the characteristics and installations of all wartime Royal Naval radars are provided in the Appendices.

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