Oligopoly and Dynamic Competition

Central Issues in Contemporary Economic Theory and Policy
Firm, Market and Economic System
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Preface - PART 1: SURVEYS - Oligopoly, the Organization of Production and Strategic Behaviour; P.Bianchi - What is at Stake in the New Industrial Economics; A.Jacquemin - PART 2: THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENTS - Oligopoly: Static and Dynamic Analysis; P.S.Labini - Multinational Firms, International Competition and Oligopolistic Rivalry; F.Onida - Potential Competition and Entry Deterring Strategies: Welfare Effects and Policy Implications; F.Delbono - PART 3: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE - Productive Reorganization and Dynamic Competition in Four European Sectors; P.Bianchi - Collusive Behaviour, R&D and European Policy; A.Jacquemin - Utilization of Productive Capacity and Profit Margins in the Main Industrial Sectors in Italy; A.Heimler & C.Milana - Public Monopolies; C.Scognamiglio & M.Caroli - PART 4: MARKET STRUCTURE AND THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM - Imperfect Competition, the Economic System and the Debate on Keynesian Economics; R.Marris - Index
The book has three main objectives. Firstly, to provide an up-dated analysis of the most important theoretical developments, secondly, to present significant empirical verifications and thirdly, to assess the micro-macro debate and the relations which link the market structure to the function of the economic system.

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