The Everyday Writer with 2016 MLA Update

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1. The Top Twenty: A Quick Guide to Troubleshooting Your Writing.- 2. Expectations for College Writing.- 3. Writing Situations.- 4. Exploring Ideas.- 5. Planning and Drafting.- 6. Developing Paragraphs.- 7. Reviewing, Revising, and Editing.- 8. Reflecting.- 9. Critical Reading.- 10. Analyzing Arguments.- 11. Constructing Arguments.- 12. Preparing for a Research Project.- 13. Doing Research.- 14. Evaluating Sources and Taking Notes.- 15. Integrating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism.- 16. Writing a Research Project.- 17. Academic Work in Any Discipline.- 18. Writing for the Humanities.- 19. Writing for the Social Sciences.- 20. Writing for the Natural and Applied Sciences.- 21. Writing for Business.- 22. Making Design Decisions.- 23. Creating Presentations.- 24. Communicating in Other Media.- 25. Writing to Make Something Happen in the World.- 26. Writing to the World.- 27. Language That Builds Common Ground.- 28. Language Variety.- 29. Word Choice and Spelling.- 30. Coordination, Subordination, and Emphasis.- 31. Consistency and Completeness.- 32. Parallelism.- 33. Shifts.- 34. Conciseness.- 35. Sentence Variety.- 36. Parts of Speech.- 37. Parts of Sentences.- 38. Verbs and Verb Phrases.- 39. Nouns and Noun Phrases.- 40. Subject-Verb Agreement.- 41. Pronouns.- 42. Adjectives and Adverbs.- 43. Modifier Placement.- 44. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases.- 45. Comma Splices and Fused Sentences.- 46. Sentence Fragments.- 47. Commas.- 48. Semicolons.- 49. End Punctuation.- 50. Apostrophes.- 51. Quotation Marks.- 52. Other Punctuation Marks.- 53. Capital Letters.- 54. Abbreviations and Numbers.- 55. Italics.- 56. Hyphens.- 57. The basics of MLA style.- 58. MLA Style for In-Text Citations.- 59. MLA Style for a List of Works Cited.- 60. A Student Research Essay, MLA style.- 61. The basics of APA Style.- 62. APA style for in-text citations.- 63. APA style for a list of references.- 64. A student research essay, APA style.- 65. The basics of Chicago style.- 66. Chicago style for notes and bibliographic entries.- 67. A student research essay, Chicago style.- Glossary of usage.- Index with glossary of terms.
This accessible handbook for novice writers advises on how to navigate rhetorical situations and make effective choices in every context, to engage with audiences and communicate ideas. Illustrations offer a high-interest approach to writing processes and encourage students to open and use their handbook. With new and expanded coverage of presentations and multimodal projects, integrated advice for writers from all language and educational backgrounds, and help learning the moves that make expert writers credible, this is the encouraging guide students need to take their writing to the next level. Updated to reflect the updates in The MLA Handbook, 8th edition.
Autor: Andrea A. Lunsford
Andrea Lunsford, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English emerita and former Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University, joined the Stanford faculty in 2000. Prior to this appointment, Lunsford was Distinguished Professor of English at The Ohio State University (1986-2000). She has also been Associate Professor and Director of Writing at the University of British Columbia (1977-86). Currently a member of the faculty of the Bread Loaf School of English, Professor Lunsford earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Florida and completed her Ph.D. in English at The Ohio State University (1977).

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Autor: Andrea A. Lunsford
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