Discovering GIS and ArcGIS

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For undergraduate students of Geographical Information Systems
Chapter 1: How to Use Geospatial Data and ArcGIS.- Chapter 2: How to Use Tables and Attributes in ArcGIS.- Chapter 3: How to Create a Map Layout with ArcGIS.-Chapter 4: How to Create a Web Map and Share Data Online with ArcGIS.- Chapter 5: How to Obtain and Use Online Data with ArcGIS.- Chapter 6: How to Create Geospatial Data with ArcGIS.- Chapter 7: How to Edit Data with ArcGIS.- Chapter 8: How to Perform Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS.- Chapter 9: How to Perform Geoprocessing in ArcGIS.- Chapter 10: How to Perform Geocoding in ArcGIS.- Chapter 11: How to Perform Network Analysis in ArcGIS.- Chapter 12: How to Use Raster Data in ArcGIS.- Chapter 13: How to Use Remotely Sensed Imagery in ArcGIS.- Chapter 14: How to Perform Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS.- Chapter 15: How to Work with Digital Elevation Models in ArcGIS.- Chapter 16: How to Work with Contours, TINs, and 3D Imagery in ArcGIS.- Chapter 17: How to Work with Lidar Data in ArcGIS.- Chapter 18: How to Represent Geospatial Data in 3D with ArcGIS.- Chapter 19: How to Utilize Distance Calculations in ArcGIS. - Chapter 20: How to Perform Map Algebra in ArcGIS.-
An application based approach to introductory and advanced GIS. Each chapter focuses on using a variety of ArcGIS tools in a real-world context. At the start of each chapter, a scenario puts the student in a particular role with a number of tasks to accomplish. These scenarios include the role of a park ranger trying to find the best overland route to rescue a group of stranded hikers (Chapter 19), a delivery person finding the shortest driving route between a set of libraries (Chapter 11), and an urban planner trying to determine the minimum height necessary for constructing an observation platform (Chapter 15).

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