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Women in Transnational History

Connecting the Local and the Global
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Clare Midgley
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List of figures. List of contributors. Introduction. Part 1: Gendered histories of transnational networks and connnections. 1. Indian feminist Pandita Ramabai and transnational liberal religious networks in the nineteenth-century world Clare Midgley 2. The International Labour Organisation, transnational women's networks, and the question of unpaid work in the interwar world Susan Zimmermann 3. Reimagining Greenham, or the transnationality of the nation in activist women's narratives in 1980s Japan Ulrike Wöhr Part 2: Women's agency in the intersecting histories of imperialisms and nationalisms 4. 'New women', American imperialism and Filipina nationalism: The politics of dress in Philippine mission stations, 1898-1940 Laura R. Prieto 5. The Woman Question and the National Question in the Russian Empire: Interconnections between central and borderland women's suffrage organizations during the First Russian Revolution, 1905-1907 Olga Shnyrova 6. The Italian Empire 'at home'. Fascist girls, imperial propaganda and the racialized memory of Italy, 1937-2007 Barbara Spadaro Part 3: Localizing the Global / Globalizing the Local 7. Total war, global market, and local impact: British women's shifting food practices during the Second World War Natacha Chevalier 8. The Local and the Global in Women's Organizing in the Pacific Region, 1950s-1990s Patricia Grimshaw and Hannah Loney 9. Women at the intersection of the local and the global in schools' and community history in Britain since the 1980s Alison Twells. Index.
Women in Transnational History offers a range of fresh perspectives on the field of women's history, exploring how cross-border connections and global developments since the nineteenth century have shaped diverse women's lives and the gendered social, cultural, political and economic histories of specific localities.

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