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Gewirthian Perspectives on Human Rights

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Per Bauhn
Routledge Studies in American Philosophy
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Introduction Per Bauhn Part I: Gewirthian Theory 1. Gewirth versus Kant on Kant's Maxim of Reason: Towards a Gewirthian Philosophical Anthropology Deryck Beyleveld 2. Is Alan Gewirth's Moral Philosophy Neo-Stoic? Edward Spence 3. 'On Pain of Contradiction': A Key Moment in Deductive Agency Arguments Michael Boylan 4. Dialectical Necessity and the 'Is-Ought' Problem Stuart Toddington Part II: Gewirthian Contributions 5. A Dialectically Necessary Approach to the Sociological Understanding of Power and Real Interests Stephen A. Brown 6. Gewirth's Moral Philosophy and the Foundation of Catholic Social Thought Christoph Hübenthal 7. Confucianism and Gewirthian Human Rights in a Taiwanese Context Shu-Mei Tang and Shang-Yung Yen 8. The Gewirthian Ideal of Self-Fulfillment: Enhancing the Moral Foundations of International Law Robert Montaña 9. Thomas Piketty and Alan Gewirth: Is a Global Community of Rights Possible in the Twenty-first Century? Gregory J. Walters and Marie Constance Morley Part III: Gewirthian Applications 10. A Gewirthian Framework for Protecting the Basic Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) People Vincent J. Samar 11. Justifying Mental Health Rights from a Gewirthian Perspective Phil Bielby 12. Gewirthian Philosophy and Young Adults Who Have Down Syndrome: Towards a Human Rights Based Model of Community Engagement for Young People Living with an Intellectual Disability Miriam Stevenson 13. The Gewirthian Duty to Rescue Per Bauhn
Gewirth's theory of human rights has made a major contribution to philosophy. In this edited collection, contributors from a broad range of disciplines discuss the theoretical and practical application of Gewirthian theory to current world issues. Case studies highlight mental health, the LGBT community, intellectual disabilities, global economic inequality, and market instability to provide a truly interdisciplinary study. This important contribution to human rights scholarship provides a platform for further discussion of Gewirthian theory. It will be of interest to those researching moral, legal, and political philosophy, as well as policy makers, social workers, and medical staff.

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