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Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+

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Lin Dickeson
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Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+ (Third Edition) is perfect book for you to prepare your IELTS Speaking test. Especially if you are very busy and have little opportunity to set aside enough time and sit down for practice because speaking is very time consuming and difficult to make any progress by yourself. With "e;Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+"e;, now you can prepare IELTS Speaking anytime anywhere on the go, it makes your every minute count. It is believed that the best way to improve your score is to practice, practice and practice! Do mock tests as many times as possible. Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+ can bring you the similar test experience as if you were really doing the Speaking test under such unbelievable price. Make sure you use Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+ under the real test conditions. PART 1 : Introduction and interview (4 to 5 minutes)You are invited to sit down. The examiner checks your ID. The examiner tries to get you to settle down (feel relaxed), asking basic questions about your life, your background, family and so on. PART 2 : (3 to 4 minutes)The examiner gives you a card with a topic written on it. You have one minute to think about this topic and prepare what you are going to say. Then you must speak about the topic for one to two minutes. After you finish talking, the examiner could ask some follow-up questions. PART 3 : (4 to 5 minutes)The examiner engages you in a discussion about topic that has the same general theme as of Part 2In Part 2, you have only 1 minute to think about the topic before you start speaking. Then you can speak continuously for between 1 and 2 minutes. You can then spend more time thinking about and preparing how to answer that topic better. After several iteration, your score will go up very quickly. If you are not sure about your current band level during your practice, we provide sample test for you, ranging from band 6 to band 7. Please compare to your own recording, then analyze where is your weakness and work hard to improve it. Never simply try and fail in the real test again, please use Ielts Speaking Full Test - Band 7+ and fail yourself thousand times before it!

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