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On the Wild Side

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A. N. Drew
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2 - DRM Adobe

Steed popped in to visit his Mum at the home as he did every weekend. He spotted a beautiful woman climbing into a flashy red sports car as he climbed out of his van. He had never seen her visiting before. When he walked in and sat down Mavis wanted to talk about her friend. He wasn't really interested in her elderly friends. When the nurse asked about Jenna he started to wonder who she was. They were talking about her two year old nephew. As he was about to leave he spotted the cell phone lying beneath Mavis' chair. He picked it up and took the call as it started to ring. Even though he was a total stranger he felt he needed to help. He almost flew out of the door to go and collect a young lady in need. One little favor and a show of kindness would change his whole life. The leaves in the tea cup were true. If only he had listened to Mavis. He was in for a whirlwind romance. School holidays would never be the same again. And neither would his life.

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