Transforming Addiction: Gender, Trauma, Transdisciplinarity

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Preface. Part 1. 1. Cracking the problem of addition with a transformative approach L.Greaves, N.Poole and E.Boyle 2. Fostering transdisciplinarity in addiction research training E.Boyle, M.E.Snow, N.Vittoz 3. Integrating trauma with addiction research and treatment N.Poole 4. Of mice and women: transdisciplinarity in the laboratory T.E.Baker, V.Lam, N.Lan, K.A.Uban, J.Weinberg 5. Two-Eyed seeing in Indigenous addiction research and treatment L.Hall Part 2. 6. Linking addiction, gender and trauma in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit L.Marcellus 7. Bridging the biological and the social in neuroscience G.Einstein 8. Moving towards transdisciplinarity in research with marginalized populations I.Torchalla, V.Strehlau, E.Neilson, M.Krausz 9. Using reflexivity to achieve transdisciplinarity in nursing and social work N.Clark, I.Handlovsky, D.Sinclair 10. Trauma and transdisciplinarity in women's addiction treatment D.Bradshaw 11. Expanding systematic reviews using transdisciplinarity N.Hemsing, L.Greaves, N.Poole Part 3. 12. Migrating toward transdisciplinarity in addiction treatment P.Selby 13. Building a theoretical bridge for transdisciplinary exchange A.Sotskova, C.Benoit, L.Casey, B.Pauly, B.K.Thege 14. The challenge of trans-sectoral policy in pregnancy and addiction L.Greaves 15. Enlarging knowledge translation to reflect transdisciplinarity N.Poole, L.Greaves 16.The future of transdisciplinarity in addiction L.Greaves, N.Poole, E.Boyle
Addiction is a complex problem that requires more nuanced responses. Transforming Addiction advances addictions research and treatment by promoting transdisciplinary collaboration, the integration of sex and gender, and issues of trauma and mental health. The authors demonstrate these shifts and offer a range of tools, methods, and strategies for responding to the complex factors and forces that produce and shape addiction. In addition to providing practical examples of innovation from a range of perspectives, the contributors demonstrate how addiction spans biological, social, environmental, and economic realms. Transforming Addiction is a call to action, and represents some of the most provocative ways of thinking about addiction research, treatment and policy in the contemporary era.
Editiert von: Lorraine Greaves, Nancy Poole, Ellexis Boyle
Lorraine Greaves, PhD, is a medical sociologist, Senior Investigator at the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health in Vancouver, Canada and its former Executive Director from 1997-2009. Nancy Poole, PhD, is Director of Research and Knowledge Translation at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence for Women's Health in Vancouver, Canada. Ellexis Boyle, PhD, is Director of the Intersections of Mental Health Perspectives in Addictions Research Training program at the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health in Vancouver, Canada

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