Twelfth Night

New Critical Essays
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1. Introduction - Taking the Long View: Twelfth Night Criticism and Performance - James Schiffer 2. Twelfth Night: Editing Puzzles and Eunuchs of All Kinds - Patricia Parker 3. "His Fancy's Queen": Sensing Sexual Strangeness in Twelfth Night - Bruce R. Smith 4. Music, Food and Love in the Affective Landscapes of Twelfth Night - David Schalkwyk 5. "The Marriage of True Minds": Amity, Twinning, and Comic Closure in Twelfth Night - Laurie E. Osborne 6. Masculine Plots in Twelfth Night - Goran V. Stanivukovic 7. Post-Communist Nights: Shakespeare, Essential Masculinity and Western Citizenship - Marcela Kostihova 8. Beyond the "Lyric" in Illyricum: Some Early Modern Backgrounds to Twelfth Night - Elizabeth Pentland 9. Domesticating Strangeness in Twelfth Night - Catherine Lisak 10. Staging the Exotic in Twelfth Night - Nathalie Rivere de Carles 11. "The Text Remains for Another Attempt": Twelfth Night, or What You Will on the German Stage - Christa Jansohn 12. What He Wills: Early Modern Rings and Vows in Twelfth Night - Alan W. Powers 13. Madness and Social Mobility in Twelfth Night - Ivo Kamps 14. Twelfth Night and the New Orleans Twelfth Night Revelers - Jennifer C. Vaught 15. Whodunnit? Plot, Plotting, and Detection in Twelfth Night - Cynthia Lewis
These new essays from leading figures in the field explore and extend the key debates surrounding Twelfth Night, creating the ideal book for readers approaching this text for the first time or wishing to further their knowledge of this stimulating, much loved play.
Editiert von: James Schiffer
James Schiffer is Professor of English and former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the State University of New York at New Paltz, USA.

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Autor: James Schiffer
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