Popular Cinema and Politics in South India: The Films of Mgr and Rajinikanth

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Introduction: Popular as Political. Part 1: Politics of Narrative. 1. Assemblage Structure 2. Image-Building Devices Part 2: Politics of Body 3. Imaging Male Body 4. On Being a Man's Woman 5. Psycho-Cultural Mapping of Body 6. Double Bodied Migrantcy 7. Wealth of Poverty 8. Dispensation of Justice Part 3: Politics of Imaging Politics 9. Image and Imagining 10. Politically-Loaded Octa-Motifs 11. Imaging by Tactexting 12. MGR: Politics as Co-text 13. RK: Politics as Context 14. Cinelating Politiking 15. Politics beyond Politics: Trans-Image Voting. Select Bibliography.
This book explores how public and cinematic personas merge in the political landscape of Tamil Nadu in India. Using the films of MGR and Rajinikanth, it reveals the intricate warp and the weft of political and cultural life of the Tamils, while examining Dravida identity, caste and language.
Autor: S. Rajanayagam
S. Rajanayagam is Director, People Studies, Chennai; and Associate Professor, Department of Visual Communication, Loyola College, Chennai.

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Autor: S. Rajanayagam
ISBN-13 :: 9781138822030
ISBN: 1138822035
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2014
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