Preparing Students for Life Beyond College: A Meaning-Centered Vision for Holistic Teaching and Learning

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Preface Part I: The Vision Chapter 1: A Meaning-Centered Vision for Holistic Teaching and Learning Chapter 2: The Meaning-Quest for Quarterlifers Part II: The Meaning-Quests Chapter 3: How Do I Realize My Hopes and Dreams? Chapter 4: Who Am I Striving To Become As a Moral Person...and Why? Chapter 5: Can I Be Both Religious and Spiritual at the Same Time? Chapter 6: How Can I Construct Durable, Loving, and Reciprocal Core Relationships? Chapter 7: How Do All My Overlapping Identities Help Me To Define Who I Am? Chapter 8: How Can I Prepare for a Successful Career, a Soul-Satisfying Vocation, and a Meaningful Life? Chapter 9: How Can I Answer the 'Call of Service' To Make the World a Better Place? Chapter 10: How Can I Cultivate the Art of Self-Care and Balance in My Life? Part III: The Next Steps Chapter 11: Meaning-Making Leadership and Interdisciplinarity Chapter 12: The Capstone Meaning-Making Seminar: Personal Experiences and Recommendations
At a time when STEM research and new technologies are dominating the curricula of colleges and universities, this important book refocuses the conversation on holistic education for all students. Organized around the most important and difficult questions that students face, Preparing Students for Life Beyond College explores a vision of education that will enable students to talk about universal issues openly and honestly, preparing them for life beyond their formal education. Featuring a variety of traditional and innovative pedagogies, strategies, recommendations, and case studies, this practical resource provides student affairs practitioners and higher education faculty in a variety of disciplines with concrete approaches for developing campuses and classes that encourage critical thinking and reflection. This exciting book prepares colleges and universities to help students create meaning in their lives-no matter the discipline, campus location or delivery system.
Autor: Robert J. Nash, Jang &
Robert J. Nash is Professor and Official University Scholar in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont. Jennifer J. J. Jang is Associate Director of Student Diversity Programs and Adjunct Professor of Mandarin Chinese at Champlain College.

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Autor: Robert J. Nash
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