The Progress of Science: An Account of Recent Fundamental Researches in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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Preface 1. The Cavendish Laboratory 2. The Copenhagen Spirit of the Quantum Theory 3. Soviet Physics 4. The Stars and the Universe 5. Cosmic Rays 6. Diplogen 7. The Chemistry of Evolution 8. Human Heredity 9. Pernicious Anaemia 10. Artificial Radioactivity
The Progress of Science, first published in 1934, was originally intended to help the interested reader develop their understanding of the natural sciences as they stood in the period leading up to the Second World War. This intention was predicated on the belief that the spirit of science can only have a positive influence on human society, and that when enough people are sufficiently scientifically-minded the problems of civilisation will be resolved through the steady application of scientific principles. Covering the full range of the distinct disciplines- physics, chemistry, biology - this collection offers a fascinating window into the attitudes towards science at a time when the full extent of its potentially catastrophic potential was about to be realised across the world.

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