Place-based Curriculum Design

Exceeding Standards through Local Investigations
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Contents Preface Acknowledgements PART I: PLACE-BASED EDUCATION: THEORY AND PRACTICE Teacher Portrait #1: Kate Toland Chapter 1. What is Place-based Curriculum Design? Chapter 2. How Does Place-based Education Work in Real Classrooms? PART II: ELEMENTS OF PLACE-BASED CURRICULUM DESIGN: PURPOSE AND FUNCTION Teacher Portrait #2: Sharyl Green Chapter 3. Personal Connections are the Foundation of All Learning Teacher Portrait #3: Gay Craig Chapter 4. Local Investigations Deepen Subject Understanding Teacher Portrait #4: Ellen Temple Chapter 5. Local Investigations Build Holistic Understanding of Places Teacher Portrait #5: Jean Berthiaume Chapter 6. Local Investigations Build Opportunity for Civic Engagement PART III: PLANNING FOR LOCAL LEARNING: LOGISTICS AND CHALLENGES Teacher Portrait #6: Judy Elson Chapter 7. Place as Text Chapter 8. Planning for Teaching in Local Places PART IV: MOVING FORWARD: STRATEGIES FOR SCHOOL CHANGE Teacher Portrait #7: Anne Tewksbury-Frye Chapter 9: Changing Practice Changes Schools
Place-based Curriculum Design provides pre-service and practicing teachers both the rationale and tools to create and integrate meaningful, place-based learning experiences for students. Practical, classroom-based curricular examples illustrate how teachers can engage the local and still be accountable to the existing demands of federal, state, and district mandates. Coverage includes connecting the curriculum to students' outside-of-school lives; using local phenomena or issues to enhance students' understanding of discipline-based questions; engaging in in-depth explorations of local issues and events to create cross-disciplinary learning experiences, and creating units or sustained learning experiences aimed at engendering social and environmental renewal. An on-line resource ( provides supplementary materials, including curricular templates, tools for reflective practice, and additional materials for instructors and students.
Autor: Amy B. (St. Michael's College Demarest
Amy B. Demarest teaches standards-based curriculum design, authentic assessment and watershed education in northern Vermont. A central theme of her work, first as a middle-grades classroom teacher and now at the university level, is to find ways to design curriculum that engages students in the stories, questions, and issues found in the places they live (

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Autor: Amy B. (St. Michael’s College Demarest
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