Policing the 2012 London Olympics

Routledge Advances in Ethnography
Legacy and Social Exclusion
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Prologue, 1. The Bid and Local Politics: Taking the Games to Stratford, 2. The Home of Transformation: Newham, the Olympic Epicentre, 3. The Pleasure-dome is Landing: The Olympics, Eviction and Urban Transformation, 4. Olympic Business: The Local Economy Meets Big Capital, 5. Transport and Mobility: Creating the Three-Speed Olympic City, 6. The Olympic Security Blanket, 7. Olympic Opposition Movements: Varieties, Contrasts, and Limitations, Epilogue
The summer Olympic Games are renowned for producing the world's biggest single-city cultural event, with a global array of athletic talent, attracting an audience of millions in live tickets sales, billions of cumulative television viewers, and a final bill of up to US$35 billion for the hosts to pay for new facilities, infrastructure and security. While the Olympics and other sport mega-events have received growing levels of academic investigation from a variety of disciplinary approaches, relatively little is known about how such occasions are experienced directly by local host communities and publics. This book offers the first critical urban ethnography of the area around the Olympic community in Stratford and the wider London Borough on Newham. It considers alternative possibilities and strategies, in regard to how the Olympics may have been organized and experienced and draws on wider debates on globalization, mobility, urban politics, risk and security.

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