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Disruptive Technology Enhanced Learning

The Use and Misuse of Digital Technologies in Higher Education
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Michael Flavin
Digital Education and Learning
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This book is about how technologies are used in practice to support learning and teaching in higher education. Despite digitization and e-learning becoming ever-increasingly popular in university teaching settings, this book convincingly argues instead in favour of simple and convenient technologies, thus disrupting traditional patterns of learning, teaching and assessment. Michael Flavin uses Disruptive Innovation theory, Activity Theory and the Community of Practice theory as lenses through which to examine technology enhanced learning. This book will be of great interest to all academics with teaching responsibilities, as it illuminates how technologies are used in practice, and is also highly relevant to postgraduate students and researchers in education and technology enhanced learning. It will be especially valuable to leaders and policy-makers in higher education, as it provides insights to inform decision-making on technology enhanced learning at both an institutional and sectoral level.
Chapter 1. Introduction.- Chapter 2. Free, Simple and Easy to Use: Disruptive Technologies, Disruptive Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning.- Chapter 3. 'Why Can't I Just Google it?' What Disruptive Innovation Means for Higher Education.- Chapter 4: Whatever Happened to the Digital Natives? Disruptive Innovation in the Higher Education Community of Practice.- Chapter 5: Bidding the Waves Go Back: Engaging with Disruptive Innovation.

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