Technological Innovation and Economic Transformation

A Method for Contextual Analysis
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1. Old Innovations, Ironies, and Crimes Against Reason
2. Framework for Assessing the Influence of Technological Innovation
3. Concepts
4. How Did We Get to Here? the role of the State in fostering context
5. What Contexts Could Be?
6. Concluding Thoughts
Society, in its quest for order in an inherently chaotic natural setting, tends to think about technological innovation much too narrowly. Innovation is necessary for economic growth, yet this narrow attitude limits its possibilities and focuses on achieving a single goal without acknowledging its effect on other aspects of society. By thinking out of the box, this book encourages thoughtful innovation while remaining conscious of its positive and negative consequences for society. It presents a method for contextual analysis that enables assessment of the disruption that any innovation could induce, and puts ideas into contexts so that innovators may anticipate consequences, minimize resistance, and enhance acceptance.Drawing on Anglophone and Francophone literatures in business, economics, history, and sociology, this book reminds us that progress is often achieved at some sacrifice of well-being. It allows academics and practitioners from these traditions to engage in systematic communication and enrich one another with new ideas.
Autor: David Gautschi, Heidi Gautschi
Heidi Gautschi and David Gautschi

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Autor: David Gautschi
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