Theatre and Phenomenology

Manual Philosophy
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Primary: Undergraduate students of Theatre and Performance Studies; Undergraduate students of Drama and Philosophy
Acknowledgements.- PART I.- Introduction: Before the Curtain.- 1. Preparing the Part: Theatre and Philosophy.- 2. Setting the Stage: Phenomenology in Context.- 3. Revealing the Scene: Phenomenology in the Theatre.- PART II.- 4. Stanislavski's Phenomenology of Being-in-the-World: Action and Involvement.- 5. Artaud's Phenomenology of Anxiety: Language and Being-Towards-Death.- 6. Brecht's Phenomenology of Being-with-Others: Authenticity and History.- Conclusions: Lights Up on Manual Philosophy.- Bibliography.- Notes.
This core textbook provides a clear and accessible introduction to the key concepts of phenomenology in relation to theatre, showing how they shed light on the works of influential theatre-makers such as Brecht, Artaud, and Stanislavski. By placing these concepts in dialogue with theatre-makers, Johnston is able to demonstrate how philosophical ideas can be put to work in a theatrical context and how we can approach difficult theory from a practical perspective. Each chapter features exercises and topics for discussion to encourage readers to explore the ideas presented in more depth. This is an excellent resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Theatre, Performance Studies, and Philosophy.
Autor: Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston is a Principal Lecturer in Performance for Stage & Screen at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

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Autor: Daniel Johnston
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