Contemporary Issues in Microeconomics

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This volume provides a discussion from world-renowned scholars on contemporary issues in microeconomics
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Part I: Inequality, Poverty, and Security
1. The UTIP Global Inequality Data Sets 1963-2008. Updates, Revisions and Quality Checks; James K. Galbraith, Beatrice Halbach, Aleksandra Malinowska, Amin Shams and Wenjie Zhang
2. Multidimensional Poverty Measurement: The Mexican Wave; Gonzalo Hernández Licona
3. Inequality, Economic Growth and Natural Ressources Rent: Evidence From The Middle East and North Africa; Hamid E. Ali and Sara M. Sami
4. Inequality Impacts of Oil Dependence in the Mena; Sevil Acar
5. Housing and Saving in Retirement Across Countries; Makoto Nakajima and Irina A. Telyukova
Part II: Income Contingent and Student Loans
6. Income Contingent Loans; Joseph E. Stiglitz
7. Income Contingent Loans as a General Risk Management Instrument; Bruce Chapman
8. Utilising the Transactional Efficiencies of Contingent Loans - A General Framework for Policy Application; Richard Denniss
9. Income Contingent Loans for Social Policy: the Case of Paid Parental Leave; Timothy Higgins
10. Illustrating Trade-Off Between Interest Rates and Aggregate Loan Recovery of the Student Loans Fund in Thailand; Kiatanantha Lounkaew
11. The Financial Capacity of German University Graduates to Repay Student Loans; Mathias G. Sinning
With contributions from international scholars, this second volume by Joseph Stiglitz and Martin Guzman comprises of theoretical, empirical, and policy-based chapters which carefully utilize theory and data analysis.
Part I focuses on the issues of global inequality, poverty measurement and security. Part II turns to the issue of income contingent loans (ICL), where the repayment in any year depends on the annual income of the individual. These loans have proven to be an especially effective way of financing higher education, but there has been experimentation of the use of these loans in several other areas.
Editiert von: Joseph E. Stiglitz, Martin Guzman
Edited By Joseph E. Stiglitz and Martin Guzman

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