Science Education and Citizenship

Historical Studies in Education
Fairs, Clubs, and Talent Searches for American Youth, 1918-1958
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No scholarly book exists on the history of science fairs and talent searches for American youth
Introduction 1. Origins of Science Clubs and Fairs 2. Building a Network 3. Showcasing Young Scientists at the New York World's Fair 4. Enlisting Science Education for National Strength 5. Sustaining Mobilization in an Atomic Age Conclusion
Science fairs, clubs, and talent searches are familiar fixtures in American education, yet little is known about why they began and grew in popularity. In Science Education and Citizenship, Sevan G. Terzian traces the civic purposes of these extracurricular programs for youth over four decades in the early to mid-twentieth century. He argues that Americans' mobilization for World War Two reoriented these educational activities from scientific literacy to national defense a shift that persisted in the ensuing atomic age and has left a lasting legacy in American science education.
Autor: S. Terzian
Sevan G. Terzian

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Autor: S. Terzian
ISBN-13 :: 9781137528438
ISBN: 1137528435
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